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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wed with Nana

The day began with a walk and Belle and I are enjoying it as long as we get out before 8 am...too hot to do any walking later in the day.
I invited my Granddaughter CharLee to spend a few hours with me and we had fun! We made Chicken Salad for lunch with grapes, mayo, cheese chunks and fresh chives from the herb garden. Quite yummy!
We went to DH's greens and cut a bit to pretty up our plates but decided not to eat them as they were mustard greens and too "hot" for us. I also let her pick a few pea pods and she decided that peas from the garden are very very good and not at all like the store bought canned peas! LOL
I took a picture of her showing off the peas and salad.
Then we went to a local small lake with hopes to catch a fish and dog-gone it she got a small trout but I knew we couldn't take it home since we had no license and no way to transport it. Unfortunatly it didn't survive all the handeling and went to fishie heaven. Too bad.
I helped out Beth a bit after I delivered CharLee home and played with a very fussy Alex.
I also took the opportunity to tack down the dimesional flowers while watching So You Think You Can Dance? and the wall hanging now needs to be quilted and bound and it will be finished. I also did some trial embroidery for my Friendship Quilt but didn't like it so took it out and will have to start over.
Ok that's about it for me today.

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