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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Final Page for Today

Last winter we had a huge snowfall and it made for some lovely pictures LOL
Time to get beyond winter 2009 in my scrapping although I have plenty from 2 years ago and of course some old vintage (my childhood and older) photos that will need to be done in the near future so don't think I am anywhere near catching up LOL
Supplies Storytellers kit, cardstock, Bo Bunny snowflake brads, All Dressed up snowflake accent, glitter, ribbon American Crafts
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A Little Bit of Scrapbooking

I have been inspired from some recent blog surfing to get some new pages scrapped.
It's about time!
Snow Day page was created mostly with products from Storytellers Club and Winter Woodland Cricut cartridge. I thought my grsons I and B were cute as they enjoyed some hot chocolate on a cold snowy day. It was nice to use a white background like I did way back when I used to scrapbook using very basic supplies. LOL
Frame, pp, and words from Storytellers club kit, cardstock mostly DCWV, Ribbon American Crafts, glitter cardstock DCWV, glitter glue and glitter JoAnn's fabric and crafts
I was very amused to see my finch feeder swinging back and forth in a spring wind. They didn't seem to mind it at all but mostly kept on eating as they took the ride LOL
Most everything is from a Storyteller's kit adding the green cardstock which is Basil
This shows my Sons and family using Skype to converse with my Daughter and family in Texas. My grson I was fascinated to see his Aunt, Uncle and cousin live and in person LOL
I thought that the green would contrast enough with the brown pp but as you can see it kind of disappears so I am going to re-cut the Title Skype Sunday. The blank frame is for a pic that my DD was supposed to take and I need to get it from her LOL
Storyteller's kit, cardstock from stash, Lyrical Letters cart for title
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blog Candy Alert

Amanda over at Cricut Creations has a very sweet winter blog candy give away going on!
Make sure to check it out soon!

Crumbs to Blocks

I stumbled on Bonnie Hunters website Quiltville about 18 months ago and just love seeing the quilts she makes from all kinds of scraps but this project really intrigued me the most. I shared it with my evening quilt bee group and we all agreed it would be a great way to create our annual charity quilt project. Last night I used Bonnie's idea with the group and then we began creating.
I had asked members of both the day and night group to begin brining in their "crumbs" and we had a great bunch of pieces to start our blocks. I had done several "starters" to show how no matter what fabrics or shapes or sizes these are great little blocks.
Bonnie uses the tiniest pieces but it's totally up to the quiltmaker to how she makes her blocks. We got a great start as you see and will try to make 42 blocks which we will sash with black to make a quilt aprox 80x90...wish us luck!
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Southern Utah Wrap Up

So back to real life now but I did get some things accomplished last week while relaxing in St George.
On the left is a project that has been ongoing for a couple of years now LOL It really is pretty easy but just kept getting pushed to the back of the line. I call it spinning daisies but that's not the name it has when it appeared in American Patchwork and Quilting a few years ago. I set the blocks together and then added the rick-rack and it's ready for a border.
On the right are blocks from a BOM my group is doing currently. One of my goals this year is to stay current on ongoing projects. It's so easy to get behind isn't it? I am making this one for my Gr'son so it's going to be quite different from the others in my group. Anyone have a guess what book this comes from? The author is well known and most everyone would recognize her.

After the rain pictures I thought I would share pictures of the morning we had to leave. LOL
Of course it cleared up nicely for our trip home LOL Isn't that the way it turns out sometimes.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Jan Make and Take

New Friends Quilt Circle has a few make and take days scheduled this year. It's a quick and easy project that you can work on during the meeting and then take home afterwords.
PN was in charge this month and created the kits for this sweet stuffed heart made of wool felt and a few beads.
Thanks so much P it is darling and a nice change from everyday quiltmaking.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Down in St. George

While Mr Creative is attending continuing education meetings I am at our lovely timeshare relaxing and doing a bit of sewing!
We were hoping to have a chance to enjoy some warmer sunnier weather and as you can see it's not sunny and not warm here in Southern Utah.
If you have been watching the news all that rain and flooding in California has headed eastward and is visiting Utah.
Oh well, it could be worse. No flooding yet and it's nice weather for napping! LOL
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quilting In NC

My Mom had a project she had come to a halt on when she couldn't make heads or tails of the directions she had been given.
A member of her guild had shown a beautiful quilt which Mom had fallen in love with and was generous enough to share her pattern. However, the directions for making the long legged stars was a method that was new to Mom...one done by quilter Mary Hickey and she asked me to help out. I took a look at the project and loved it but the method for making the star points required a ruler, Birangle, which Mom didn't own and I had no experience with. After being stumped myself and even a call to my friend C who can solve ANY quilt problem, I finally started looking online for a solution and found the exact block in a 12 inch size on Quilter's Cache...one of my favorite block sites!
As you can see from the picture we were successful in completing the top and even got some assistance from my Grniece Z!
It's a beautiful quilt top and can't wait to see how Mom quilts it.
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Goodbye Old Friends, Updated second time

Yes, I am home and one of the things I set as a goal for Jan 2010 is to "muck out" my bedroom which has become a catch all space for whatever.
Part of the problem is all the clothes that I never wear or so seldom wear that I forget I have them. LOL I am betting many of you have the same thing happen in your closet! Today I started the process of discarding many of the things that no longer work for me.
I have been loosing weight...slowly but steady since May of 09 and the old faithfuls that have been hanging around are not only looking old but also no longer fit very well. Thankfully they are too big now.
There are many things great about loosing weight. You feel better, people say you look better (and I have to agree) and other things. but kind of a sad part is where you have to get rid of some of your old faithful outfits that you love. Of course much of my clothing is the flexible kind LOL You know they manage to fit when I am larger and smaller with the miracle of spandex and knits but eventually they just look not so good.
Here is the first result of some sorting with more to come. I will miss several of the things in that pile but can't wait to get some new stuff to replace them LOL...I wonder what is on QVC today?

I now have two piles of clothes and still sorting LOL Even Mr Creative thinks it is time to get rid of his stuff and he NEVER wants to do that!

UPDATE 2: the piles are huge and before I give them away I have decided to weigh them. I think most of the oldies are out and I will weigh and donate next week!

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