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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MY Project Runway Challenge 3 Finished

So here it is my version of the "Miss Piggy" challenge.
I made a three piece outfit that a little girl could wear to a mid morning- early afternoon premier at Disneyland and then with a quick change spend the day riding rides etc.
I did a few things this time to challenge myself but piping the neck and front bottom of the top. Added the little peplum (for lack of a better word) to the skirt. Added the vintage trim appliques with button centers and made a paperbag waist on the shorts.

I should have done the hem of the shorts a bit differently but I wanted to use the existing hems on the capri's so I could shorten my time putting in hems LOL
I love the little skirt and even though it isn't a glamorous outfit I think I fits the event and the little girl who might wear it.
Next up is the ice cream flavor (gelato) challenge and a short time limit!
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Two Layouts and Buttons

I actually had finished this layout a week ago but with my week taking such an unexpected turn and then back again I hadn't posted it before now.
This is my youngest son's 22 birthday this past fall. Don't adjust your screen he does have some blue hair and one white eye...it's a young adult thing! LOL
Supplies: bkground and ppaper DCWV, tag , journal box and star cut outs Storyteller's Club, ink Stampin Up fibers and brads from stash, Galaxy pen Am Crafts

This layout is of Mr Creative's 60Th birthday in 2012. I love this one too! Used a kit that has been sitting in the stash for probably 2 years or so. I was lucky to have pictures of him with our grkids and that will be a great memory. He is supposed to journal the box about how he feels being 60....hope he does it! LOL
Supplies: cardstock from stash, ppaper Laundry Line from Mind's Eye, chipboard diecuts and borders same, ink Close to My Heart, brads American Crafts

Lastly I have trying to come up with a way to store my buttons so that I can keep them in colors. I love buttons but sometimes it is more trouble that it is worth to find and choose the right ones. I found something that I love but there is one problem...the opening on the bottles are too small for about half of the buttons LOL So I am having to put them in two different places anyway. I tend to be an out of sight out of mind at least for the details like that. I can remember I have paper I want or even some ribbons because they are in my eyesight but when things are put away I forget about them! LOL I will take another shot with the bottles all lined up to show how they turned out!
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My Project Runway-No Miss Piggy? update!

So, week three of Project Runway (PR) featured the designers making a dress for a movie-TV star to wear to the premiers of her newest movie...Miss Piggy! What a fun challenge for them to be a bit whimsical and a yet still have to be "designer-y" at the same time.
As I said before I am making things for a little girl doll so I had to think of how I could adapt my challenge to fit the "theme of a movie premier" or something like that.
Good thing I have a good imagination! LOL
So...here's my take. What would happen if your very best friend has been "discovered" by Disney and she or he is staring in a show on the Disney Channel? Of course they would want you to be at her premier party which just happens to be at Disneyland...and once the party is over of course you will spend the rest of the day at the park having a great time!
That's MY challenge...to create an outfit that a little girl could wear to a premier party at Disneyland and for the rest of the day at the park, riding rides, seeing shows and just having fun! I also decided to give myself the challenge of re purposing some clothes that I bought at the local thrift store.

I chose this cute little sun dress and the flowered carpi's. I thought the colors were great and I also thought that the two fabrics used in the dress would give me some versatility in the design. I made a list of items that I would use from my stash.(you see it below propped up on the wooden mini cupboard) .

And here is the in-progress shot of what I hope to be making. Below is more of a hint of what I am doing I love those little flowers on the skirt so I hope it works out! LOL
I should be able to finish up tomorrow as I don't want to get too much more behind!

I am almost finished with this challenge only having to do some hand sewing but I am really tired and am hoping to get to bed earlier tonight
Hope I can all finished early tomorrow
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Friday, January 27, 2012

My Project Runway...Challenge #2

Well for any who watch PR you know that I am behind on my challenges. It has been like that for me for the past two weeks!
Challenge #2 Was to make an elegant, romantic, over the top gown for an Opera opening night.
Well MY little girl doesn't go to the opera...after-all she is just a little girl so after some thought I tried to imagine what would be an event where a little girl would want to be elegant, romantic and over the top?
How about a Fairy Princess Party? LOL So that is my event. Here she is in her "look" in three pieces.
The top has "fairy wing" sleeves that I stitched by hand out of a vintage nylon organdy trim that I had bought several years ago in a box of trim at an auction. It matched the icy blue satin I used for the skirt/cape and the underlining of the top. The top has organdy rainbow striped ribbon that I stitched together to create the pretty stripe fabric for the bodice. I lined the skirt and top with white muslin to add some strength and structure and even used interfacing for the top and waistband for the same reason.
The under skirt is made of white, pink and lavender tulle that I made into an elastic waist skirt. The headband and lower bodice is made from some shear glittered ribbon. I ended up using some stick-on jewels as the final embellishment. I am not sure if I want to leave them on the outfit as a child might try to remove them even if they are glued on with fabric glue but I wanted to have them for my "look" I even stuck on some jewels near her right eye to make her fancy.

You can see my supplies from the leftovers. I forgot to take a picture before.
Supplies are all from Hobby Lobby unless noted:
Polyester satin (so it can be washed), cotton muslin (from stash), tulle, shear ribbons, nylon vintage trim (from stash), scrapbook jewels (from stash), butterfly and elastic and Velcro from stash.

I thought I would share the neat tool I used to create the scallops on the over skirt/cape. I got it at a quilt event for making scalloped edging for quilts and other projects. It's the JP Quick Points Scalloped Ruler model S1.5. You can find it at www.quickpointsruler.com. It made making those scallops so easy!
I might add some close ups later if anyone wants to see.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Scottish History

I am proud to be the descendant of many Scots who lived the hard life in Scotland and then headed for Canada with many others for a better life.
There were many talented people who can claim Scottish ancestry but one of the most famous was Robert Burns the poet who was born 250 years ago.
If you want to enjoy some of his often humorous poetry read by some famous Scots click HERE and enjoy! Mr Creative and I will be enjoying a dinner in his honor at BYU on Saturday with members of the Utah Scottish Association.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We Want Candy LO Pages

Love all the fun papers that DCWV had this past Halloween in their glitter stack and it is so much fun to create with them
My GD C and GS I helped me out one day making Halloween Oreos and because we found that the candy melts don't take to food color so well we also made some candy clay pumpkins. I thought we could just change the white melts to orange with cake decorating food color so we had this lovely bowl of orange stuff that allowed the kids to make some crazy pumpkins.
pp DCWV and Fancy Pants, brads and ink from stash, ribbons from stash

I won't be scrapbooking for the rest of the week but hope to have two more layouts to upload early tomorrow depending on time.
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hey! Chickie

This has to be my favorite layout I have done in a very long while.
Spring 2011 grson I and I went to the local Intermountain Farmers Association store to find seeds for Mr Creative to plant in the gardens. Look, they still have the baby chick-chicks for sale. Isaac found that they were shy and would run under cover when he tried to pet them but I helped him see that if he was patient they would come over to the feeding area in the pens. We looked at the different animal feed bags and he found the right one for chickens. He had a great time looking around the store at the farmer things.
I had these pictures printed for quite a while and even picked out the papers and supplies but they just sat until last night.
Somehow they managed to come together so easily for a change. I used a sketch for the basic design but of course had to adapt it to my pics and supplies.
Supplies: cardstock-bazzil and coordinations, brads American Crafts, ribbons All My Memories and Am Crafts, pp American Crafts and DCWV, circles cut with the Coluzzle

Friday, January 13, 2012

MY Project Runway

I am a big big fan of the Lifetime TV show Project Runway. I am not exactly the people the show is marketed to...my idea of high fashion comes from Target, Kohl's and QVC! LOL But I do love watching the creative process of the designers as they try and make an extraordinary design while dealing with all kinds of challenges.
So I heard about a group that was doing their own version of Project Runway using fashion doll or what ever doll they had to work with.
They would do their own version of the weekly challenges just for their own satisfaction and fun. I loved the idea but by the time I found out about the last one it was more than halfway into a season....too late to really get involved.
But it is a new season and I thought it would be a fun thing to play with during the winter months.
So I made my own rules and started with the first challenge the unconventional materials challenge. The contestants went to a 99 cent store and had $100 to spend.
So for MY version I went to the local dollar store and spent $4! LOL I allowed myself use of most of the materials in my sewing room like thread, Velcro, buttons but not my fabric stash unless it will be the only fabric used. The exception is muslin which is a freebie.
I also allow myself use of a basic pattern book for an 18 inch doll since I haven't really done garment design before. The doll came from the local thrift store for $5...she has a child like body and face so...my designs will probably head that direction LOL
My materials are a pair of boys black and white tartan boxers, a hank of plastic rope, two little girl's bows and a pink and white fleece child's hat.

I had some good plans and found just like the contestants that things don't always work the way I planned! I thought I would weave the rope into a bodice but it just was too stiff and plastic to work for me.

Here is my completed look for the doll. I used the shorts to make the skirt and lined the front of the little jacket and a piece for a headband, the hat was turned into the jacket and bodice, the rope was used as trim on the skirt and bodice and the headband and a drawstring for the skirt and the bows are pretty obvious.
The things I learned are to use invisible thread on the rope, stiff plastic doesn't weave so well, unless I make longer sleeves and a rather high neck the cloth body will show and it's really a lot of fun!
If I were really on the show I would have been knocked a lot for using fabrics instead of things like coffee filters or mop heads LOL but it's MY rules and for me as long as they were in the dollar store it's fair game. Hey I could have used towels or even scarves!
Anyway next challenge will be harder for a little girl figure as it is a gown for a night at the opera! YIKES!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spooky Days again LO

Hey, it's Halloween again ! Or at least in the scrapbook pages.
Two layouts I did from this past October of grson I. left page he is with his preschool teachers and right just enjoying some fun time with candy eyes and making candy clay pumpkins.
backgrounds DCWV and Recollections, yarn Sticky Stitches QVC, Stickles,brads and accents from Storyteller's Club kits

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On the Sewing Machine

So....wonder what's in progress? It's a surprise project for someone(s) in New York!
I am hoping to have it done in the next day or so and will take a picture of the finished project.
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Harry Potter DVD Scrapbook pages

After 7 books and 8 films the Harry Potter saga came to a close Nov 11 of 2011 with the release of the Deathly Hallows pt 2 DVD.
Around our home Harry has been something we have really loved since youngest son A was about 10 and I bought him his first book as a Christmas gift. Who would have known the story would take our family by storm like it did the rest of the world.
These are the pages I did for the party we had with the family.
I love that I was able to find Harry paper and accents that I used on the pages. I journaled my feelings and our story on what looks like a letter with the Ministry of Magic's seal.
It took me several days to do the two pages but that's OK...it let me relish the experiences all over again one more time.
cardstock from stash, HP papers Creative Imaginations, ribbons and brads from stash, pp Debbie Mumm from Joann's, Stickles, letter stickers All My Memories
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Friday, January 6, 2012

We Love To Eat at Christmas

And of course I take pictures so here is this year's food pages. I had fun doing the little pennent banner too.
Trying to use up metal stuff from my stash and that could include glitter but none on this page.
I used my Nesco roaster as a warmer this year and remembered to bake the dishes in the pans that came with the warmer tray. It works so nicely that I need to remember it for the next big meal. I baked everything in the oven ahead and then just put it in the Nesco to stay nice and hot.
card stock and pp DCWV, Martha S edge punch, pearl cotton thread, Thickers letters, button/brads, flowers frm the stash.
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Waling Down Memory Lane picture

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PIctures for Scrapbook post

Having trouble posting these with the words so hoping this works

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Victoria's Frienship Quilt...Nov Block

I don't know why I kept putting making this block off for so long...as far as the sewing it is slightly easier than some of the others because the block is 12 inches and I had the fabrics picked out a long time ago! LOL
Anyway here it is....just slightly under the 12.5" unfinished size so I am hoping with some extra pressing I can persuade it to stretch out a bit more. I know it's not perfect but it is a pretty block and one of my favorites.
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Walking Down Memory Lane BOM #1

New Friends Quilt Circle will be starting our 2012 Block of the Month on the second Tuesday in Jan and here's a sneek peek of block #1.
Simple as can be right? So maybe I will be adding a second block so that we can finish the blocks before December. I will bring both blocks to our first meeting and we can vote!
As you see I am as usual, going my own way with fabric. Just in case you aren't interested in making a quilt Carmen has suggested that you could create the blocks and then make place mats for our Place Mats for Meals on Wheels project. One idea would be to make the block out of season fabrics and then you would have 12 seasonal place mats to donate?
Whatever works for you!

First Scrapbooking of 2012

So...one of my goals is to do something in my scrapbook room twice a week. I have gathered more supplies over the time I wasn't even using up one piece of paper or a 1/2 inch of adhesive so it's time to remedy that behavior.
New Year's Day I made the time to create two pages from Christmas 2011. I used to try and do whatever was oldest in my photos but am taking the advice to work with what is current and then catch up as I can.
Christmas Eve Jammies and Soup:
The family gathered at my home to open our new jammies and enjoy soup for supper. many others have similar traditions of the jammies. This year's soup was Chicken and Sausage Gumbo with skillet cornbread made in my grandparent's cast iron skillet.
Supplies: cardstock, very old kit from Scrap in a Snap, pp ACrafts, ribbon Oriental Trading, stickles and ink

Christmas is for Families
Supplies: cardstock, frames from Scrap in a Snap Kit, flowers from stash, brads AC and Memory Makers, ribbons ACrafts