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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby Squash and a New Computer

After all the hard work of getting the garden established Mr Creative is getting to see some wonderful results!  Yep, those are baby Spaghetti squash on the vines!  We are really glad to see them as they are one of our favorite squashes to replace a carb heavy food, pasta.  Now, I am looking for the first tomatoes  LOL

Son A bugged us until we FINALLY gave the go-ahead to build us a new computer.  He ordered it from his favorite site and once it got here assembled it "in a trice" as they used to say.  It is much faster than the old one and is very quiet too!  LOL
He has also hooked up the old hard drive so that we can bit by bit transfer information that might still be on it like email addresses etc.
Busy weekend here as we got a bunch of yard work done and a little too much sun on the shoulders and neck but I will survive.  I am glad to be over my sore throat as I was worried I was getting sick but it was probably just a reaction to all the cooler weather and dampness.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Easter 2012 Scrapbook Pages

Easter this past year was luckily a nice warm day so that we could eat our dinner outside.
Oldest son D and his family joined us for the meal which we enjoyed in the sunshine of late Sunday afternoon.
D had come early and "hid" plastic filled Easter Eggs which the kids hunted afterwords.  
I got to use a new kit ( or new to me) from Echo Park that I purchased at the spring Scrapbook USA Expo.  I loved the cheerful colors and cute embellishments.  I used the hexagon paper which has become a popular motif in papercrafting  and it fits nicely with my other hobby of quilt making  LOL
paper and paper embellishments Echo Park, flowers and buttons from stash, ribbon American Crafts.
Left side was inspired from a sketch by Sketch Inspirations

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer Disney Memories and Herbs

 Here are a couple of recent scrapbook pages from our summer 2011 trip to Walt Disney World trip.  I really did enjoy meeting Mickey and Minnie but the lighting was awe-full!  I had trouble getting decent pictures but it was nice to be inside with the air conditioning and we waited until late in the day to do the pictures.  Howard and I ware wearing our Anniversary buttons and got so many Happy Anniversary greetings from "cast members" and others throughout the day.
Second page is the Dumbo ride.  I wanted to use something different in colors and try making it simple.  I used a sketch from Page Maps vol 2 with several tweaks    Funny thing is that the ribbon is from a Christmas release by American Crafts.  Perfect colors if I do say so myself.
I love to use fresh herbs and have tried several ways to grow it before.  I saw this idea of planting in old collendars first on Pintrest and then several other places online.  I know that you have to be careful not to bake the roots in the metal containers but the herbs need plenty of sun.  I will watch them closely for wilting and water a couple times of day if I need to.  I think the sprinklers will water them each night but I still will make sure they are not getting too much heat.It would be great to have this idea work and have lovely fresh herbs this summer.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Life Goes On

 So it's been nine days since our little K was born.  She has been a very good baby from all accounts, sleeps nicely and let's Mommy and Daddy sleep some too.  She lost weight from her birth of 5 lbs a bit under 3 oz down to 4 lbs 13 oz but last check she was back to 5 lbs.  She became a bit jaundiced but it is slowly going away and she won't have to have any more foot sticks to get blood!
She still feels like a little doll or stuffie when I hold her but we have been blessed with her getting a little bit bigger and stronger each day!
 Mommy P mentioned that she would like a few more receiving blankets and I offered to make her a few double layered ones...flannel on one side and cotton on the other.  I got fabric to make three, two smaller ones and then one larger one for later.  It was fun to find girly colors and prints for a change but at least there is more and more cute prints for boys these days. 
 I finally finished the baby quilt last week right after she was born and it is quite large.  I love the pretty colors and soft prints and K's Mommy liked it too!  I might be able to display it in the July Steel Days quilt show depending on how much washing it gets  LOL..that's OK I make quilts for use most of the time and I am glad she will be sleeping under it instead of having it hanging on a wall or folded away in a drawer.
 It is a lovely spring here in Utah and about two weeks ahead of "normal".  I grabbed my camera when Belle and I walked this morning and thought I would share a couple of pictures I took.  I love the pretty cornflowers that are in bloom every where right now.  I know they will be done in a week or so so this will be a way to remember.  Belle looks funny in the picture as she turns around to cheese at the camera!  LOL
It's perfect walking weather now but since it is spring I figure it's "just wait, and it will be different"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

One of the Reasons Why...

Yep, I have been AWOL from blogging this past few weeks and this is one of the small reasons why.
My new grand daughter was born a bit early...3 weeks... but we are very happy to meet her.
Here she is about 4 hours old with her daddy oldest son D.
She is tiny but able to come home after 3 days.  She is in preemie clothes for now but we are sure she will be growing out of them very soon!