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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Clean House

Wish I had the Clean House team here today as the family and I did some not so fun house cleaning LOL
My oldest friend from HS that I still keep in touch with arrived to spend a couple of days with me and the family from the Atlanta area. We have known each other since 11th grade and 16 years old. Gosh that is now ummmm (should I say it?)...36 years now! Gosh who'd a guessed!
Sandra is here to take in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Osmond Family concerts in SLC Friday and Sat. after having spent a week in Las Vegas at the Donny and Marie shows there.
AS you might have guessed we were young Osmond fans in the 70's and she and many others have kept up the "fandom" over the years. I jump in with them when the stars align right LOL

No quilting or scrapbooking to share today although I did get one block done for the Civil War Love Letter book group that is forming starting next month in my area. I am the leader so I am kicking off the first get together and choice of blocks.
I will try and take pics tomorrow if I have a chance.

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