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Friday, January 28, 2011

FROM THE Design Wall Jan 28

A couple of projects from the quilt room today
Another hush hush project in progress. The one I was working on last week is done but I can't share yet but soon I promise. This one was fun to do and can't wait to share the whole thing
This is a sample of the Pattern I am teaching called Mexican Stars by Annette Omelas of Southwind Designs. It uses her technique of folding triangles to create a curved look from straight sewing. It's not a new technique but the pattern is all her own design. I picked it up at the Houston show last fall and and when I shared it at the board meeting we chose it as a workshop. Of course since I had suggested it I had to teach it! LOL That means I needed to create a sample. I used Fossil Fern prints for everything but the background which is my favorite background fabric Floral Fusions. I wish I had bolts and bolts of this stuff as I could use it for almost every quilt in my mind! LOL The print that is in the "sashing" was the inspiration a lovely crazy colored Fossil fern my Mom bought for me. It's not my usual style but it reminds me of a Fiesta and that is it's name for now! The color is not quite as bright and clear in the photo but enjoy!
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Change of Plans

Mr Creative wanted to see some petroglyphs at sunset as we arrived in St George last Wednesday. I was ready to head to the condo but told him to go ahead but I was waiting for him in the vehicle.
Yeah, that wasn't such a good idea.
The good part is that he got to see the petroglyphs at sunset but....
Anyway they have some nice police officers and some great EMT type guys too in St George. The hospital is very nice and new!
the Nurses and physicians assistants are good too!
The bad part is that he now has a broken ankle and lower leg. He missed his conference and has surgery scheduled for tomorrow. It's not fun but we are glad we have such a great system to get him taken care of. I will report on the results soon.
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To Wash or Not to Wash

The debate for quiltmakers goes on and on. Should I wash my fabrics before I make the quilt top or not. Everyone has their own reasons for which ever side they are on but for myself, I have gone back and forth and am now back once again! LOL
When I first began making pieced quilts back in 1989 I was told you really need to wash that fabric so that there would be no accidental bleeding of dyes onto my quilt when it was washed later. Also there is the shrinkage issue...will the fabrics shrink differently or not at all? So, I washed.
Then after a few years I found that many a great quiltmaker DIDN'T wash the fabric...after all the fabric is so nice when it comes off the bolt and now-a-days the bleeding issue is very rare and according to Harriet Hargraves, a known expert on fabric, it's not the bleeding that is the issue it's if the other fabrics in the quilt will retain the excess dye or not. So, I stopped washing the fabrics and enjoyed the brand new feeling and look of the fabrics. Sigh...
Well, my Inklingo group has been having a discussion on why it is good to wash that fabric right when you purchase it. Some of the factors have to do with the old shrinkage issue. Also once the fabric is washed any stretching out of shape that comes from the printing and rolling onto the big rolls at the factories will relax to normal. And last of all if you use Inklingo you need to wash before printing the fabric. So...I am back to washing again. I have a ton of fabrics on my shelves that has to go through my washer not to mention the fat quarters in boxes. So far I have done the neutral backgrounds, greens and most of the blues and have started on the blacks. I haven't had too much trouble with the fabrics raveling out too badly (crossing my fingers) and I am using the hand wash setting on my washing machine to keep it from getting too ravelly. My biggest problem is that even with cotton fabrics I am still getting some static as a part of living in a "high desert" environment.
It has been suggested that I don't worry about ironing the fabric until I am ready to use it which if fine with me! LOL
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Little Hint

Since Mr Creative and I will be out of town for the next 3 days I won't be able to do a design wall posting on Friday so I thought I would share a little hint of a project that is in the works right now. Can't show too much but I am working on a project that I can't wait to have it done.
I will try and post while I am gone but no guarantees LOL
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Design Wall Jan 14

It's time to report on my quilting progress this week.
I taught 2 different classes with my local quilt group this week. One was from Gai Perry's Color From the Heart book which we are using for a color study guide this year. It's a great book as it doesn't use the technical jargon of artist color theory but she teaches you to work with your favorite colors. I did an overview of the Introduction section and then lesson one on Spontaneity. It was a great exercise and the ladies in my group seemed to enjoy learning a bit about their own fabrics and color preferences.
Second class I taught was how to do an Attic Windows setting for our Crumb quilt as invented by Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville. We are only a few blocks short of having enough to do a nice double sized quilt and hopefully the next time we are working on this we will be doing the setting and getting it ready for borders.
Now, in my own quilt room I am continuing work on my Civil War Love Letter. I have now completed the 14 groups of 4 blocks with 1 inch sashing. I needed to square up the battle panels so that I can work them into the corners of the quilt. Of course if you have worked with panels you know that they aren't printed straight nor are they the same size. Sigh.... So they measure between 20 1/8"X16 7/8 and 20 1/8x 17. So the panels will have to be sashed up to fit. I guess It will be trial and error until I get it right. LOL
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Friday, January 7, 2011

From the Design Wall

Like most people I am trying to set goals once more for 2011. I haven't updated my sidebar but I plan to do it by Sunday of this week.
One thing I would like to do is a post each week from either my quilt room or scrapbook room of what I have accomplished.
This week it is from my quilt room.
A group of friends and I have chosen a wonderful new project to do together. It is from Designer Lori Smith and as you see it is a lovely friendship quilt. HERE is link to the pattern and her WEBSITE. She makes wonderful vintage looking quilts and I have several patterns and a book that is in my dream pile and hope to be made one day.
I started out the 2 year journey by showing how to make the Diamond Star which measures 12" finished. Lots of little itty bitty triangles so I took the opportunity to use foundation papers to make them. The larger hst are an unusual size so they didn't quite translate perfectly but it still made the piecing much easier.
here is my block and as you see I am using a different color palette. It is mostly from Judie Rothermell's Cocheco line of last year. Love it! I will have to add some other CW like fabrics to round out what I need but I am excited to see it develop.
The other report is of those Civil War Love Letter book blocks that I finished up last summer. I have begun the task of putting them together in groups of 4 so that I can start the top. I am going to "wing" it as far as putting the top together. I know what I want, to use some of my panel prints, so it will be a matter of figuring out how to fit it all in as I go. I need to figure out how many groups of 4 to make and then how to fit the special blocks into the scheme...the ones with Lincoln's face or a flag in the middle. I am excited and have plans to have it finished for the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War but not the beginning as it is April 12 with the Battle of FT Sumter in SC. Hey I can dream!
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Good Day Sunshine

Grson I was looking for a treat. He didn't want a cookie, or some fruit snacks or a roll but he was really happy when I suggested an orange. I showed him how to use the orange peeler that I got from a Tupperware party many years ago. I wonder if they still have them?

He loved helping to pull of the peels and then separate them into segments. We had fun trying NOT to squirt ourselves with the juice doing that.
You can see he enjoyed about half the orange and I think he will ask for more next time he is here. Its a good treat for sure!
We called it the sunshine fruit as I explained that the orange has lots of vit. C that comes from sunshine
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Puzzled No More

Mr Creative loves puzzles especially for New Year's Eve and then how ever long it takes him to finish. I told him that this year I needed him to have his puzzle finished by Tuesday since I had guests come for lunch and didn't want it taking up the living room. He didn't trust the 3.5 yr old grson to leave it alone if he put it in the family room LOL
He worked fast and furiously on his 1000 piece puzzle and he got it done in plenty of time.
He loved the train theme that my Dad chose for him and maybe he will do it once again when he gets his office cleaned up and can lock the door from a curious grson I.
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Glamorous New Year's Eve

I don't expect camera crews to cover our exciting celebratin'! LOL
As you can see we just stayed home waiting for midnight. Mr Creative loves to use New Year's Eve and day to put together a puzzle...my Dad gave him a 1000 piece one for Christmas this year that features trains one of his favorite subjects. Me? I was in my scrapbook room trying to put together a page or two after preparing snacks for the evening. I was using a new to me divided page protector version and I am not sure how they will go but I am hoping it will help me get pages done faster and with less indecision...so far...not so much. LOL
Mr Creative and I and youngest son A toast with sparkling juice!
Happy and Healthy New Year Everyone!
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