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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Morning everyone!
So couldn't sleep earlier and got up because I had dh's quilt on my mind. It should have been at the quilter's on Tues but here it is Thursday and I hadn't really found a back that was what I wanted so....took all the leftovers and one extra fabric...can you spot it? LOL
there is my quilt back! Just kept on adding to it until it was big enough. So I will take it to the quilter today! Promise!

While I was outside I walked over to the garden and took a couple of shots of random things.
The "stems" are from the Swiss Chard...I just thought they colors were so pretty to contrast with each other. DH planted a packet that had mixed varieties and it's interesting to see them growing all together. Of all the greens cooked I like chard the best.

Second garden shot is Belle exploring the "greens garden". She doesn't want to eat them but once in a while she will find a little garden snake slithering around and always looks.

OK I am officially tired from the early morning sewing and might just have to take a morning nap! LOL

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