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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am sick again...bleck!
I try to get into the mood to sew or scrapbook or even watch TV but all I seem to want to do is sleep. I have taken some Tylenol Cold so that I can at least sleep without the sore throat and the stuffy nose but of course it makes me want to sleep even more. LOL
At least everyone here can take care of themselves although for Mr Creative he just zips over to the local fast food places, of which we have many near by, for food but no one will starve.
Hope I will be better soon as this week is "one of those weeks" with several demanding days.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Making Cards for Fun

Made this cute cupcake card to go with a gift. Just noticed the pink is very crooked LOL Any way I used Make the Cut Software and a set of dingbats/graphics I bought online. Love the fun designs and I wanted to try this one out. Since I did a little bit of organizing of card bases I was able to pull this one with some paper from the stash. Stamp is from Stampin Up and I added a bit of green stickles.

This little elephant was made from inspiration coming from Bitten By the Bug2 blog. The cut is from Everyday Paperdolls, flowers are Prima, heart jewel, rhinestone and ribbon from stash and I used chalking too.
I thought the little quote was perfect as the elephant has his trunk in the classic good luck position.
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Catch Up on Stitching

You can see that I have made slow progress on my hand stitching in the past week or so. I don't stitch each day but I am using my TV time to do something useful.
Sure enjoying all the sports that I don't know much about. Who knew that Cross Country skiing had a sprint and that the USA stinks on ice at some of the sports! LOL
I sure miss those snowboarders and their go for broke attitude but glad my children and grchildren don't seem to have that gene! LOL
Off to the fitness center now
Have a great day everyone
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scrapping and Quilting

To take a break from stitching I did a couple of pages while watching the Olympics on Sunday and Monday.
OK, can you say BUSY! I thought I would try and see how it would look to use some really busy papers for our Independence Day pages and Yep, it just says busy! LOL That's OK it's kind of like how the day goes for us. DS A was so sweet and took the younger kids around the neighbor's yard on their 4 wheeler when he offered to let them ride. The kids loved it and grson I didn't want to get off! LOL
In the pic with the torches ds A did the imitation of the "chant" from the movie "Finding Nemo" and just cracked us all up.
pp DCWV Summer stack, cardstock from stash, ribbon Oriental Trading, accents Storytellers Club.

I had taken several pictures of Easter things at home that I decided to make a page about it. Simple and easy from a sketch You can see our kitty Muffy who made herself at home in the Easter grass...I had to watch her or she would have started chewing on it and that is NO GOOD for kitties.

More Easter pics...it's hard to not use them all but I did make an effort to choose the ones I liked best. This layout and the one before are for MY albums to keep.

Supplies pp DCWV Spring stack, cardstock Archivers, ribbon, Offray, flowers Imaginese, border punch Martha Stewart

Progress on one of my goal projects in getting the borders on the Spinning Daisy quilt. I would be getting more done except I have decided to not take my machine down to St George for the next few days while Mr Creative is at a conference. I will just do the hand work I have in progress, read and watch the Olympics. Just laze around.
Back to the quilt. I played around with how to do the scrappy border and I am liking this one the best. Hope I have enough fabric to finish it LOL
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Gluten Free Valentines Day

A couple of quick shots of Valentine's Goodies for the family. DS A and his KISS reveal and Mr Creative with the frame of family pics. And below I took a picture of Mr Creative's V-day dessert. He has been show the symptoms of Celiacs and so we have trying to cut out all the gluten stuff from his diet. I found a newer product at Wally world, gluten free cake mix and came up with an idea for his treat. I made cupcakes (the box only makes 12-14 as opposed to a regular box making twice as much) then topped one with apple pie filling and then some low fat Cool Whip with cinnamon. He really enjoyed it as Apple Pie is his favorite dessert.
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Picture Update

I was all dressed up ready for church on Sunday and so I had Mr Creative take a picture of me. I am pretty excited to be wearing the white jacket as I haven't been able to wear it for at least 2 years. LOL It was one of the things in my closet clean out that I kept. I did notice that I had some stains on one of the sleeves so it is going to the dry cleaners soon.
For those who don't happen to know I have been back to my low carb way of eating since May of 09 and even though I was hoping to be all done with weight loss by now I just had to show that it is working. LOL
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympic Stitching

It's Olympics time again and I love to watch as much of it as I can.
Of course I love the girl-y sports like figure skating but who can resist those Half-pipe snowboarders with their youthful joy, or the grueling long track speed skaters and cross country skiing events? I was cheering and jeering last night as Apollo Ohno got his first medal along with CJ Charski (sorry if I spelled that wrong) and the exciting mogul skiing...my gosh how their knees, backs and hips must ache!
Anyway, so I needed something to keep me busy and I am starting with one of the most challenging things I have done up to now.
I am hand piecing a Grandmother's Flower Garden type project. Doing the flowers part was easy enough but...this joining together has been an adventure for me.
I am used to understanding how the pieces all fit together pretty easily but after one false start I finally got the hang of it! LOL
This will make a small placemat/doll quilt sized project and I am pretty sure I am not going to ever make another one! LOL Just too many other projects I want to try but I am glad I won this kit and have had the opportunity to learn something new.
This is my progress after a day of stitching...I did make one last flower as well soI feel I have done well for the first time on a project like this.
I can tell you this, I can't imagine doing this kind of a quilt without Inklingo to make it come together so smoothly. If you haven't checked out Inklingo and what it can do may I suggest you do! Linda F the creator has also done a post on the Inklingo blog on how you can resurrect an old GFG project that you started and get 'er done, with the help of Inklingo!
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Happy Valentine's Day

Sending love to all my friends and family today.
Now that I have my new camera I can share a few things I did for V-day this year.
Made Valentines for my grandchildren. I thought they turned out really cute...but of course the kids won't really be all that excited! LOL
Used my Cricut, Design Studio and my new V-day present from Mr Creative the Makes the Cut program. It allows you to use any fonts, specially designed files (SVG or MTC files) or even an image from your computer, scanner or a photo and cut them like they are on a Cricut cartridge. I have only used it a couple of times but I am impressed with how user friendly it is and how responsive the creator of the program is to suggestions and complaints by making changes and tweaks with-in a very short period.
Supplies: cardstock Provo Craft, pp DCWV 09 Spring, metallic paper DCWV, bunny Cricut cart Winter Woodland, "love" Lyrical Letters cart, ribbon American Crafts, cotton ball tail! LOL
For my DH Mr Creative I went simple with this dollar store frame that I added a metallic flower and some jewels. This is the most updated photos of our family minus one son in law.
This is my BIG, TA-DA with my MTC. My youngest son has a fondness of Kiss and so I thought it would make a good V-day gift for him. The KISS logo, I found online, was already made into an SVG file so that I could just copy into the program and cut! It was fun playing with a glittering technique to put the white cut into my XYRON face down, then it's all glued up ready for the glitter. I wish you could see it sparkle...kind of like Edward's skin LOL The other letters are from the Black Letter cart (yep it is a bit sloped but that's OK) and the other graphics are from a dingbat font that I just printed. It was fun to make and let me play around a bit.
This is what is inside the box! LOL I hope he gets the joke as sometimes 20 year olds are a bit...ummmm...well you know?
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

My New Camera!

Yeah! My new camera arrived yesterday and after charging the battery I tried it out. Gr'son I was exhausted after our Wed. routine... time at the Fitness Center day care, story time at the library, and lunch at Carl's Jr. so it was nap time.
Amazing how angelic the little ones are asleep!
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Sad Passing of a Friend

If someone were to ask my family what they will remember about me when I die...it will be that I was always making them pose for pictures. I usually have my camera in my purse or at least near at hand ready for a perfect shot LOL
On Saturday I was shopping and needed to use the bathroom...when you gotta go, you gotta go...and since I hate to set my purse on the floor of a public bathroom I had to set it in the sink since there was NO hook on the back of the door. Sad to say that the stupid sink had one of those automatic faucets...you know the kind that you pass your hand under and it sprays the water?
Well the water just poured into my open purse and right there was my little HP camera...sigh...
I dried it off as best I could and then when I got home tried to start the camera and the lens wouldn't come out and the screen told me I had an error.
OK I thought maybe I can gently pry the lens to get it to come out and get dry...well I guess I wasn't so gentle after all and the cover popped off along with a few various bits and pieces and now when I try to start it nothing happens.
So for now I won't be able to post any pictures for about a week.
However...QVC to the rescue!
Today's Special Value is a little Olympus point and shoot digital camera with 12 mp and a 5X zoom. I have never had an Olympus but the price is right and even though I like a stronger optical zoom I am excited to try this one out.
I will see if I can still download the pics on the HP's memory card to my computer, as I was waiting until we got either a external hard drive or a new computer because ours is "dying" LOL
OH, Yeah and my dryer is not working so well right now...it takes at least 3 cycles to dry a load of clothes at an hour each...sheesh when It rains It Pours!

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