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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finish It Up ...trying again

Not sure what happened to my pictures last Friday but I think this will work this time.
Quilt is off to the quilters!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Can I Say Finish It Up Friday LOL?

Here it is, all the Pergo is down and now we are waiting for it to stop raining enough to paint the baseboard wood. It will be a shame to cover the pretty floor with a rug and furniture LOL You can see Belle enjoying a little down time.

And here is the baby quilt...sort of finished but ready to go to the quilter! I decided it would be much better to have her quilt it before I put the animal heads on but I needed to put the bodies in place to assemble the top so there are these odd looking shapes all over it.
I have added a Panda, Hippo and Tiger to the original pattern and make bigger. Love the Jolly Jungle fabric as the animals are perfect for the quilt. I think I will be using the fabric that is the larger animal faces for the back. I have plenty and it's very cute.
My quilter will have it ready just after the middle of Sept in time for me to add the faces before it goes with me to TX and my soon to be grandson.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Have You Heard about the Go Cutter?

Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works is giving a Go Cutter away...how fun!
Who wouldn't like an easier way to cut out the parts of your quilt blocks and have it be accurate?
Well I guess I have as good of a chance as anyone to win right?
Click HERE to see what's up!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So...What am I up to now????

With a new Grson on the way of course I am making a baby quilt for him. DD and DSIL choose a cute Jungle/Zoo themed quilt and here are the beginnings...the elephant.

Here is the block as it will appear in the quilt but of course he needs eyes and a bunch of friends too! LOL
I am using this pattern by Ruth Jensen a local designer. Check out her site as she has some free patterns for you to try out her methods!
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A Few More from the Quilt Show

This small quilt was such a happy fun quilt. The maker must have had a whole lot of fun as she designed and created the people for the borders. I love the bright colors and the quilting was wonderful to say the least. I wish I had the imagination to have created this one!

This quilt really spoke to me! It is to honor the maker's dd who had been a long-time gymnast and I just connected to the story! It could have been my story as the Mom of a dd who was involved in the gymnastics world for 13 years but at the age of 17 decided she was ready to "move on". One special touch that is hard to see from this picture is that she has used her DD's medals in the center of the blocks that surround the center. So creative and it is well done as you can see from the ribbon hanging next to it!
AS my DD used to say at the end of a great "trick" TA-DAH!
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pioneer Day and A Quilt Show

July 24 in Utah is a state holiday to remember the first Mormon Pioneers who arrived in the Salt Lake Valley and thus began the settlement of Utah. Families often get together in their backyards to cookout and remember their own ansestors be they pioneers or not.
I was just back from my trip to NC and it was the first time I visited with family.
photos top
left: Grkids showing their Build A Bear pets and their new NC State tee-shirts I brought them right: Me and grd C showing off our "pioneer desert of apple crisp we baked in the dutch oven
left: Gson B gets his apple crisp from C right" the kids and I shucking corn in the shade

I thought I might share a few pictures from the quilt show at the Springville Museum of Art. This is an annual show and considered one of the "best" to exhibit your quilts in.
These are just a few that caught my eye for various reasons.

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Guess What I Got For My Anniversary?

When Mr Creative asked me what I wanted for our anniversary I said I wanted to have my Pergo floor installed! LOL
So You see it has finally happened! Mr Creative doesn't much like wood floors but I "wore him down" and he agreed that we could have it in the living room and hallway.
Oldest son D did a whole lot of work and helped his Dad a lot. Youngest son had worked hard to help his Dad remove the carpet and padding the week before. Sigh the house has been crazy for about 3 weeks now with the LR stuff all over the house LOL.
Now we have to put the moldings back and since many of them were damaged at the removal we are probably going to have to buy new ones and then I promise to paint them LOL
There is a square right in front of the door that I am going to have son D tile for me as the Pergo and water aren't friends and we decided it would be safer that way. I gotta decide on the design for the tile and then he can lay it out for me.
Still a bit of work to do but it's a great change!
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