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Monday, August 27, 2012

A Foodie Post

When you are inundated with zucchini anything new or different is worth trying  LOL
Here you see something that is both...Zucchini Chips Low Carb Style
Very yumm-o when warm but kind of "ok" when cooled off
The original recipe called for bread crumbs and which I subbed out for Parmesan cheese.  I also added a bit of smoked paprika and Italian seasoning to the mixture and it was great.
Then youngest son A has gotten all the supplies to make his own sushi, which he loves, and did some rolls Friday and Saturday.  This is is first attempts
Now, to find something new to make with the remaining 100's of Zucchini  LOL

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lot's of Progress

I thought it might cheer me up to layout my in-progress Victoria's Friendship Quilt to see where I am either behind or lacking.  Having it all together so that I can see the progress it so wonderful for me.  I tend to be a streaky crafter and a typical Magpie who is looking for the next "shiny thing" and will leave projects languishing for years at a time  LOL
So except for a block I need to re-make I think I am caught up strangely enough. 
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garden Update

Mr. C did a bit of harvesting on Saturday...he was excited to pull up some carrots...he hasn't been too successful with carrots in the past.  LOL  You can also see our first little mini pumpkin, purple beans and more beets.  Of course there have been more and more squash and tomatoes not in the pictures.
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36 Years as Husband and Wife

Mr Creative and I celebrated out 36th Anniversary, or as he says 3 dozenth, of marriage.  He always asks me if I would "do it again" and I always say of course.  LOL
But this year he asked what was the hardest time of our marriage...that one was kind of hard but I think he was reassured that I didn't remember those early years as being so awfully bad...I think he agreed when I told him what I thought...not gonna share that one but I often think that I have been very blessed and just plain lucky that my decision to marry Mr Creative at the age of 20 has remained one of my very best over all my ups and downs of life.
Thanks dear!
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Friday, August 10, 2012

First Smiles

Our little K is starting to smile....she has just passed her 3 month birthday and I knew it was coming any time.  I love her little crooked smile and bright eyes.  she looks sweet in her blue summer outfit and bow.
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Friday, August 3, 2012

August Garden

As you can see the garden is coming into the best time of the year for the veggies.
Above Mr Creative shows off his birthday present from DD B and her family.
He is really enjoying the garden seat to pick the beans and pulling weeds.  He wanted to show his grsons A and T that it makes a great "pillow" when he gets tired from bean picking 

Abover you can see l to r
cherry tomatoes in a pot, volunter tomatillos
summer greens and sunflowers

Last of all in our three sisters garden the first mini-pumpkin has ripened a bit early!  It's a bit small even for that variety of pumpkin but it's great to see them do well.  Along with the pumpkins we have started harvesting spaghetti squash and ate the first one last night along with beans and more summer and zuchinni squash.
Still waiting for the rest of the tomatoes but hopefully we will be seeing them sooner rather than later.
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Keeping My Hands Busy

 Do you remember these?
Way back at the beginning of July I finished this set of arcs for my All Mixed Up NY Beauty blocks
 Ah, but these are new!  The second set of arcs for those NY Beauty blocks.  As you can see nothing orderly about them at all!  LOL
 This is what they are on the way to becoming, sort of.    I am loving all the different fabric combinations that are showing up as I try really hard to NOT make any that match or for that matter have the same fabrics in the same block. 
While I have been glued to the Olympics on TV I made most of the smaller arcs and have now begun piecing the quarter circles and last arcs together.  After they are done I will lay them all out again and choose the last piece that will be used to finish off the corner of the blocks. 
Congrats to all the winners but I have to admit to a bias for all the team USA and especially the women's gymnastics team! 
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