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Monday, July 28, 2008

We Still Love the Osmonds!

Back in the day...yep the late 60's the "original boy band" was the Osmond Brothers and being the teenage girl I was of course I had a crush on them in general but my true love was Jay Osmond! I just knew if he could meet the "real me" he would fall instantly in love and we would have a happily ever after...fast forward 40 years and who would have ever thought that the Osmond family/brothers are still performing together and those of us who chased the tour bus "still love the Osmonds!" LOL

OK so things aren't quite the same...some of us have grandchildren just like our crushes do and there isn't a need to chase after the tour bus any more but it's still worth it to come early to a concert to try and get the best seats and spend time together as friends/fans however we mostly have found a different life than we had planned as wives as one of the Osmond brothers LOL Living in Utah there are sometimes occasions when I come in contact with an Osmond...my youngest son "A" attended school with my former "true love's" oldest son and one day while shopping in a bookstore Marie interviewed me for her radio show...how fun!
Others still travel where an Osmond is performing and makes sure they have a loyal fan supporting them in their career.

The family was invited to appear with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir during the annual Pioneer Day concert this year as they ended their 50th Anniversary World Tour for two performances and also Music and the Spoken Word on Sunday and the news went out that free tickets would be available by lottery. That meant all those still loyal Osmond fans did their best to get friends and family to apply for tickets and in the end had plenty of seats for both evenings of the concert and those loyal ladies (and one or two guys I am sure) invited me to join them for the concerts.

I enjoyed a great concert at a pretty darn good seat however my old lady eyes could have used some binoculars! LOL Flash pics were not allowed (not that it would have helped much) so I turned off the flash and took a pic of the big screen and ended up with a very "artsy" but not so great pic of the performance LOL I don't have space to tell all that went on but on the whole they sounded incredible and even though it is a mini version of their regular concert, they each had a chance to shine just a bit depending on their fame factor...in other words Donny and Marie got a bigger share of the spotlight than the others but that is to be expected right? LOL Of course being a fan you noticed they all moved a bit slower and didn't dance the same as in the 70's and the biggest thing was missing Donny's young boy voice where he was given solos...IE... One Bad Apple and Lazy River LOL
As I thought about it someone could say the same and more about me! LOL

I am so lucky to have my oldest friends to share this wonderful event with...Darlene and Sandra and I share not only the Osmond times but also we joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at about the same time and still share that connection with each other through the Osmonds.

My friends are now back to Georgia and Virginia and I need to prepare for Camp Nana and H's birthday today. Time goes on and I am blessed to be able to enjoy it all! The last photo is of the infamous door where I waited for hours and then ended up being kicked out of the line for a purse infraction...LOL Not really this turned out to be the no purse line which no one had bothered to tell those in line until 2 seconds before the doors opened!
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