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Saturday, July 19, 2008

At the Quilt show part one

I promised to share a bit from the Steel Days show and here we go...sort of
Of course I forgot that my batteries were low and only managed 5 shots before they went kaputt!

Luckily my friend C will take lots of pics so I will share hers next time.
The first pic is of the Donation corner with a few of the challenge quilts displayed along with others to be donated.

Second is the baby quilt I gave to my grson A..his Curious George quilt. I got a 2ND place on it...which is good, however I know I will be knocked down on binding and not straightening the quilt before binding...It was very very straight when it went to the quilter but alas came back a bit warped! LOL It may be hard to tell but the pinwheels are 3-D. I love the blocks done this way and tend to turn to them and 3-D flying geese for baby quilts! LOL I might put a tutorial on the blog one day as they are easy to do and add some fun to regular piecing.

Third pic is my favorite as I got a Best of Division ribbon! Whoopee! I think the judges might just be a bit blind ha ha ha I showed the quilt before quilting several days ago and I managed to get it done and in the show...lucky me! Love the board they hang on as it makes it easy to change them with the seasons. My friend's DH made 4 or 5 of them and I was lucky enough to speak up for one. I painted mine the lovly sort of Jadite green and it looks great in my living room too. The other two quilts below are mine as well...the left is the Tulips version and right one is Mother's day version. I played with different fabrics for these...the Tulip one is wayyy to blend-y for me but I wanted to use some fabric I had gotten in a fq pack several years ago...the Mother's day one is wayyyy busy for me but again I was using fabric that represented May showers Bring May flowers for Mother's day. The others were made by my friend P and she has such a joyful way of putting her quilts together! I love that she will use images from "old fashion" post carts and other pics on her projects...Way to Go P!

The last pic is the judges choice for Best Interpretation of Theme...Every Season Is Quilt Season!
My friend CN did these and the award is well deserved! She is able to take a pattern and make it hers and make it even more beautiful. CN had the best style and I wish I could choose fabric the way she does. We used the book Quilters Dozen Plus as our BOM but she created her own inserts and I love what she did. I did three of the four seasons but still need to quilt fall and make summer I will share my interpretation when I get Fall done so you can compare! LOL

For now this is it but I will get C's camera soon and share more!

WE have a great show and it is not to be missed!

Today it is off to a Cricut Swarm...up in Roy, Utah with a bunch of other scrappers. I have my stuff packed and ready to go but I know I will forget something important LOL
I will report in later .
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Nedra said...

I gave my daughter a Cricut 2 Christmas' ago and she loves it! She lives near Phoenix and is part of a scrapbook group in her ward.
The quilts from Steel Days were wonderful too! --Nedra

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

They are totally lovely and wonderful. You did such a great job! My daughter got my camera and went back for me. Not that she took pictures of enough of them! Or the ones I would have - but it was something. It was a really top knotch show. So so many beautiful quilts.