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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Actually Did it! (edited with picture)

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This is a slide show of a whole month of scrapbook pages one each day. Good thing it was only 29 days LOL
I joined the LOAD (layout a day) group and payed my $30 for a month's worth of encouragements and prompts by creating at least one scrapbook page each day. Some days it was easy and some not so much...I only missed one day and made it up the next day. I got a lot done but of course I still have plenty to do in the future.
I think I learned that I can create pages a bit quicker than I usually do and they turn out very well. I didn't buy anything other than I had to print 2 extra pictures so that I could do the Mustang page.
The next LOAD is scheduled for May but so far my May is looking pretty busy so I will have to see if I can join in with the group.
Hope you enjoy seeing what I got done in February.
Below is everything stacked up together! I think I might have missed a few pages in the slide show...Oh, well!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Design Wall Friday

I am happy to say that I am ahead of the BOM I am teaching my local quilt group New Friends Quilt circle. As you see there is nothing "country" about MY version of the quilt LOL
I need to finish it ahead of time because it will be a gift for my grson A.
I did make a couple of changes so that it will be personalized for him. The house is now a garage and I added a mini block in the middle of the Hole in the Barn door block...I love the changes so far.
These three Harry Potter blocks are the newest. The quilt was a mystery and was finished by Jen at Sewhooked last year but I figure that is no reason to quit now. I have had way too much fun choosing fabrics for these unique blocks pulling from my purchases over the years from a local lady who's DH has been a fabric sales man for years. I would find these great fabric samples and couldn't resist LOL. Now they are finding a home in this project. For example the bottom block was a line of crazy hand dyes that made perfect books in the library.
I am in progress on a new My Project Runway outfit for the doll and hope to have it done in the next day or so.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Todays LOAD Layout

I have been particpating with the LO (layout) A (a) D(day) which has a private Flickr group to post all the pages we do for the month of Feb. Today it seems Flickr is down so I am posting here so that I stay on task! LOL
I will be posting all the layouts in the future but want to figure out how to do it so that I don't have tons of pictures at once. LOL
  1. This page is for the daily prompt concerning the cars in our life. The pictured Mustang is exactly like the one that we had and I drove until I left home for good in 1976. It was fun remembering that car which was a beige sports car...kind of schizophrenic! LOL

I'm Back to Harry!

After almost a year I was reminded that I had started the Harry Potter Project of Doom Mystery project and it was hiding out in the sewing room. After a frantic search voila I found them and got excited once more about this project.
The next block is Harry's pet owl Hedwig. So here she is...I made a boo-boo but so that is how it goes. LOL
More from the design wall tomorrow

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day 2012

Mr Creative and I celebrated Valentine's Day at home this year.
I made a southern style dinner for us...Shrimp and Chicken Creole with rice for him, collard greens, butter beans and Gluten Free Apple Crisp for him and Low Carb Chocolate Microwave Cake for me.

I set the table with some pretty candles- battery operated and one flamed- and a vintage tablecloth.
In the picture you can see Mr Creative's gift a vintage train car with a helicopter for his O gauge train.

Hope you had just as nice Valentines Day as we did!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Visiting St George

That's in Utah y'all...our very own Dixie!
On the way down I snapped this photo out the car window heading south on I15
Beautiful sunset eh?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

MY Project Runway....Ice Cream Challenge

Week 4 of Project Runway was the challenge to use a flavor of ice cream (gelato) to inspire their design and look.
I can do that for my next project. I used Maggie Moo's Ice cream flavors to choose from...they had lot's, and after narrowing them down to four I chose Black Cherry.
I think the fact that I love Mary Englebreit's use of cherries on her designs and home decor helped me pick that one. I have several fabrics with ME cherries on them and it was easy to choose one that I would enjoy making an outfit. I decided to go for an every day type of outfit...something that she could wear to school or just playing with friends. I didn't have anything to make a knit top from in my stash and I ended up using a thrift store ladies t-shirt for the top. Above You see my supplies and list of things I might use from my stash on the yellow sticky note.

Here is my finished outfit and I think it is pretty dang cute! I could see any little girl enjoying this type of outfit with the fun black and white checked fabric, the piped hems on the skirt and capris. I used the sleeve from the ladies top the make the body of the t-shirt...it was just the right size to make a fitted body for the shirt. I had to modify how I put the t-shirt together but it worked out. I used ribbing on the neckline and it fits over her head...not much room to spare though. I can see myself having to put the top on to the doll in the future! LOL

Back view isn't that much different than the front.
Last night I saw the new challenge and WOW how hard was that to get people to give up their clothes! LOL I am thinking of a way to find a "muse" and then create something from the thrift store that would be of similar fabrics and style...Wish me luck!