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Sunday, July 6, 2008

We love to celebrate holidays at home!
So we planned a cook out for the late afternoon early evening. Yum steak, brats, chicken marinated in Lawrey's Tequilla Lime Marinade...sans alcohol but with the taste! I made some
lower carb mac and cheese, and had a veggie platter from Costco. Our neighbor Bill and his son Dane joined us as Jean his wife and some of the family went to Idaho for the weekend. Bill brought some yummy baked beans he made himself.
For desert I had baked a blueberry cobbler again lower carb style and had both low carb and low fat icecream available in vanilla and bought a huge Key Lime Pie from Costco! Oh my gosh it is good.

I did work a bit on Howard's star and just need to add the outer borders of fish. I want to have special quilting done and hope Wren can fit it in her schedule...I know she can do what I want...crossing my fingers as I will want it for his birthday on the 28th!

I also started a page in the Camp Nana album of the kids cooking and ended up finishing yesterday on the 5th along with a second page from the zoo...of Penguins and Zebras.
Not much more to get done and it will be all finished.

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