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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paper Crafting Blog Candy

Wendy over at Bling Queen is offering some fun blog candy!
Visit her blog and you might just be the winner if it isn't me! LOL

Friday, March 11, 2011

Design Wall Friday 3-12

First of all had to show my poor little empty sewing table!
My Viking somehow managed to "eat" some (a whole bunch) of thread while trying to wind a bobbin and had to go to the sewing machine doctor...sigh...I need to take the time and do a little house keeping while she is having her thread untangled LOL

My version of lesson 3 from Color From the Heart book.
The lesson was to find dark, medium and light fabrics with just one color in them for the nine blocks in the wall hanging. I was pretty satisfied with all but two. The red dark had way too much black in the print and it sort of blends into the black setting pieces. The blue green block I feel the med is too dark and the dark is too dark but over all I did find plenty of fabrics in my stash.
It was a good lesson in helping me choose the tints, tones and shades of fabrics to get the look I wanted.
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Quilts From My Friends

A few recent quilts made by my friends.
L: CN shows her Mexican Stars quilt, CV and friend show off our recently finished charity quilt made by the group. We all were to create one of the stars in a workshop helping us make 60 Degree stars with diamonds then a few weeks later we learned how to set the blocks with big triangles and then one of the members finished it up
L: Another Mexican Stars quilt...quite different from the other one R: CV shows her quilt from lesson two of Color From the Heart workshop Can you tell which two colors she worked with?
Two more friends ..
MH shows the project for lesson 3 from Color From the Heart workshop. This lesson was about choosing light med and darks.
KH is proud to have finished her BOM from last year. She let us know that these are NOT her color palette but she learned to like them as she did the project.
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Plants and Bugs

A little update on the tomatoes in the Aero Garden. As you see they are coming along nicely. Mr Creative has been able to visit them since all his medical issues are finally getting better. I am anxious for the first flowers to show up but they are a bit small still for that.
Here are the bugs... a bit of a surprise working so this is all I am going to show you for now. Love the little Ladybug and can't wait to show the whole project.
We had lots of rain today here in American Fork Utah but it's all good as I took the time after church for a very long nap. Found a station on XM from Dish network that has the perfect soft 70's type music called Ambrosia...lovely for sleeping and I am glad I checked it out. LOL
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Victoria"s Friendship Friends

A few of my quilting friends are working to make the quilt Victoria's Friendship together and this is a picture of our second month's blocks. Mine is the top row on the left and the applique is the bottom on the right. Just love seeing how each of us select different fabrics and yet they all look so beautiful!
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Harry Potter blocks update

I probably should have waited until tomorrow but I decided to go ahead and share my most recent two blocks.
Here are the 8 blocks all in a row. Youngest DS big A said the thought I had a hodge-podge of fabric on these blocks but I told him that is exactly the look I was going for! LOL Good thing this week's block was a simple one as I needed to catch up from last week.
This is last week's block...I had fun with the book beside the timeturner. DS mentioned it was hard to see the timeturner and I agree with him. I plan to do some stitching around the glass and sand to make it stand out a bit more when I start putting the blocks into a quilt.
This week's block...can you see where I made a change between the picture of all the blocks together and this one?
I made a boo-boo and fixed it before I forgot! LOL
I have also started a new feathered star block but haven't had much time to stitch on it lately. So nice to be able to see the stitching lines with the new red fabric!
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