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Friday, June 25, 2010

Nap Time

Grson I came home from a busy shopping trip with Nana and had fallen asleep in the car. I put on some quiet music and he slept on for a couple of hours.
As I worked downstairs on a couple of projects I would listen for him to wake but also checked up on him once in a while. When I saw his sleep position change I just had to snap a couple of pictures.
Can't help but wish I could sleep that well! LOL
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Father's Day...

Got a bit behind but wanted to share our Father's Day before it was next year! LOL
I made turkey burgers (Mr Creative has heart disease so not much beef for him), pasta salad, baked beans and his all time fave veggie "real" mashed potatoes!
Picked some flowers from the garden...Peonies that we inherited from his parents in the bouquet along with some of my mini roses and some grape vines that snuck through the neighbor's yard to mine LOL I made him a low fat version of carrot cake but it needed more carrots. I kind of made it up as I went along.
My two guys and our doggie Belle!
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Quilt Day

Today was New Friends Quilt Circle meeting and friend PN shared her patriotic quilt. I love how she used the scalloped bunting like print to show off the pieced stars. Well done!
I had to show the finish of my Mariner's Compass quilt all quilted and bound! Hurrah!!! I need to make the label so that I can put the details. I have named it "Gone to Carolina in My Mind" as a memory of summers spent at the beaches of North and South Carolina the colors were chosen with that in mind and I had the quilter quilt in lots of "beach" themes although she did somehow mistake a crane for a sandpiper...not sure how that happened LOL
I also wanted to show off my baby challenge fabric quilt which I just finished up today. Each year New Friends chooses a fabric and we buy a fat quarter then turn it into a baby quilt which we show off in our quilt show in July then all the baby quilts are donated to the hospital for use in the Newborn intensive care or the bigger ones to the pediatric intensive care or special needs.
A darling vintage type fabric was chosen for us but it had the "challenge" of a diamond shape in the print which meant that it would need to be used "on point". I took the easy way out and used it as the central panel and pieced around it LOL I didn't do any fine quilting and even put the binding on my machine but hopefully some little one will enjoy it!
I am hoping to get a couple more projects finished before leaving for NC next week...cross your fingers for me LOL
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Scottish Festival Utah 2010

Pictures l to R -(top) Our family ready to march in the parade of clans, sons A and D present our clan banner and announce that we are "here", (bottom) sons D and A wait our turn out of the rain, grson I and his Daddy D at the parade

Once again it's Scottish Festival time in Utah and this year fell on a more early spring like weekend than almost summer...sigh...
But the Festival must go on! LOL
Friday was mostly a bust as far as weather was concerned, lots of rain, wind and cool weather made it hard to even get the shelters up much less have things ready for the public by 5 pm. We had to find some large tent spikes to keep things from blowing over and cover the display with rain ponchos to keep them semi dry! LOL

We didn't get a family picture until we were tearing down the shelter but here you see our family and a few friends as Honored Clan for 2010! The sun finally broke through and it cleared up but alas a bit too late! LOL
This is what the skies looked liked most of the time even a bit greyer most of the time!
Took this picture from my front porch when there was a little break with some sun shining through the clouds for a bit! LOL
One more year gone and now we are heading off to NC to the Grandfather Mt. Scottish Festival in a few weeks.
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