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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dance Festival Time Again

It's now been 31 years that Mr Creative and I have been attending the yearly Dance Festival and field day at Forbes School.  Starting with oldest DS D and now his oldest child I.
With no knowledge of where I would be dancing I tried to find a central spot to take a few pictures.  Yeah,  didn't work out so well  LOL  He was way on one side.
So...do you see him?

OK maybe this will help...

The kids danced to Under the Sea and Who Let the Dogs Out and did quite a bit of choreography.  They had lots of fun and looks like with his little sister only one yr old, we will be attending this event for a whole bunch more years!
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Time to Mow

Actually I don't mind mowing the grass as long as it isn't too hot and today was the perfect day for that.  I wish someone could fix the auto-start LOL
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Outfit for Today 5-12-13

Doing a bit of experimentation with my "look" 
For today I went for the brown/khaki/ combo with a cute polka dot scarf for my yuck-o hair.
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