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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quilt Day today

As usual it is my quilting day with my local group. I love both of my groups the day group allows for a lot of different things since we meet each week and the night group ladies have become good friends and are almost always ready to jump into something new! LOL
Day group was very instructive and we were reminded there are four special numbers to remember in quiltmaking
1/4---That is what your seam needs to always be!
7/8---That is how much to add to your finished square to make a perfect half square triangle.
1 and 1/4---That is how much you add to your finished square measurement to make perfect quarter square triangles
1.414....That is the number you use to determine how big to cut when you are creating setting triangles
If I can remember those numbers and what they do then I can make any block with those units!
Thanks Carmen
We also had a great lesson on doing freezer paper cut away applique from the back of the block!
Thanks Claudia
I love my group!
Night time we did a great show and tell and then enjoyed doing out own "things" together as we chatted. I am trying to get my dimensional flowers attached to my block so I can get the summer wall hanging finished in time for the quilt show! A bit of hand sewing and then quilting and binding...shew can I get it done?
I also spent a few hours with Alex so that his Mommy and Daddy could celebrate their third anniversary with lunch and some time together!
We did just fine and I think he just loves his Nana!

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