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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 Grand Illusion Mystery Reveal

There was much speculation on the Quiltville Open Studio Facebook page a few days before New Year how many more clues and when the great reveal of the assembly instructions and the quilt design would happen...a few guessed New Year's day and this time they were right!

Bonnie pleased many with the reveal a day early and posted here the final instructions.

Although many were surprised it was interesting to see the comments from the different quilters as they began to assemble their blocks, sashing and borders.  It was unlike the previous year's mysteries with their bold ordered design as the quilt was a study in movement and really needed good contrast and fabrics that offered a definite color story.  I was glad I decided to for-go scrappy this time and use planned yardage because I am not sure if I would have been happy with many fabrics for this project.
So here it is
First in progress when I discovered I havn't made enough of the border pieces

And here is is finished as a bed runner...but just the top for now.
I do like the border a lot but wished I had not used the pink as it was a much stronger intensity than the lavender that were supposed to be star points...if they were reversed in placement it might have worked much better.  I also had to resolve the corners because my layout eliminated the sashing between blocks and made the outside borders 4 inches too small.  I ended up making two extra diamonds that reversed the diagonals.  Picture soon!
Thanks to Bonnie for giving us this great end of the year gift and can't wait til mystery 2015!