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Friday, July 18, 2008

Cute Kids!

Did a bunch of this and that yesterday but had a visit with my grkids and had to share a few photos.
Grson's A and I sometimes think of Nana as a person with a silver box in her face! LOL
A is still stingy with his smiles and I was much too busy to stop for pics but aren't they cute?
Grson B got out the Lincoln logs and kept busy building his special structure...not sure what it was but it turned out so great he wanted a picture of himself with it! Way to Go B!

Heading to the quilt show later today and taking some pictures to share.

I also started packing for my scrapbook day tomorrow and realize I am almost out of pictures to scrapbook....OK not really OUT but at least out of those that are already printed up! LOL
I am going to have some printed today for later

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Brett+Beth said...

What fun pictures! I just can't believe how cute your Grson A is! He must have good looking parents because he is so hansome! Your Blog is looking really good. I don't think I will be able to ever keep up with you! Your amazing mom!