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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MY Project Runway Challenge 3 Finished

So here it is my version of the "Miss Piggy" challenge.
I made a three piece outfit that a little girl could wear to a mid morning- early afternoon premier at Disneyland and then with a quick change spend the day riding rides etc.
I did a few things this time to challenge myself but piping the neck and front bottom of the top. Added the little peplum (for lack of a better word) to the skirt. Added the vintage trim appliques with button centers and made a paperbag waist on the shorts.

I should have done the hem of the shorts a bit differently but I wanted to use the existing hems on the capri's so I could shorten my time putting in hems LOL
I love the little skirt and even though it isn't a glamorous outfit I think I fits the event and the little girl who might wear it.
Next up is the ice cream flavor (gelato) challenge and a short time limit!
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B+B said...

Love love LOVE this one! So dang cute!