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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Project Runway-No Miss Piggy? update!

So, week three of Project Runway (PR) featured the designers making a dress for a movie-TV star to wear to the premiers of her newest movie...Miss Piggy! What a fun challenge for them to be a bit whimsical and a yet still have to be "designer-y" at the same time.
As I said before I am making things for a little girl doll so I had to think of how I could adapt my challenge to fit the "theme of a movie premier" or something like that.
Good thing I have a good imagination! LOL
So...here's my take. What would happen if your very best friend has been "discovered" by Disney and she or he is staring in a show on the Disney Channel? Of course they would want you to be at her premier party which just happens to be at Disneyland...and once the party is over of course you will spend the rest of the day at the park having a great time!
That's MY challenge...to create an outfit that a little girl could wear to a premier party at Disneyland and for the rest of the day at the park, riding rides, seeing shows and just having fun! I also decided to give myself the challenge of re purposing some clothes that I bought at the local thrift store.

I chose this cute little sun dress and the flowered carpi's. I thought the colors were great and I also thought that the two fabrics used in the dress would give me some versatility in the design. I made a list of items that I would use from my stash.(you see it below propped up on the wooden mini cupboard) .

And here is the in-progress shot of what I hope to be making. Below is more of a hint of what I am doing I love those little flowers on the skirt so I hope it works out! LOL
I should be able to finish up tomorrow as I don't want to get too much more behind!

I am almost finished with this challenge only having to do some hand sewing but I am really tired and am hoping to get to bed earlier tonight
Hope I can all finished early tomorrow
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