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Friday, January 27, 2012

My Project Runway...Challenge #2

Well for any who watch PR you know that I am behind on my challenges. It has been like that for me for the past two weeks!
Challenge #2 Was to make an elegant, romantic, over the top gown for an Opera opening night.
Well MY little girl doesn't go to the opera...after-all she is just a little girl so after some thought I tried to imagine what would be an event where a little girl would want to be elegant, romantic and over the top?
How about a Fairy Princess Party? LOL So that is my event. Here she is in her "look" in three pieces.
The top has "fairy wing" sleeves that I stitched by hand out of a vintage nylon organdy trim that I had bought several years ago in a box of trim at an auction. It matched the icy blue satin I used for the skirt/cape and the underlining of the top. The top has organdy rainbow striped ribbon that I stitched together to create the pretty stripe fabric for the bodice. I lined the skirt and top with white muslin to add some strength and structure and even used interfacing for the top and waistband for the same reason.
The under skirt is made of white, pink and lavender tulle that I made into an elastic waist skirt. The headband and lower bodice is made from some shear glittered ribbon. I ended up using some stick-on jewels as the final embellishment. I am not sure if I want to leave them on the outfit as a child might try to remove them even if they are glued on with fabric glue but I wanted to have them for my "look" I even stuck on some jewels near her right eye to make her fancy.

You can see my supplies from the leftovers. I forgot to take a picture before.
Supplies are all from Hobby Lobby unless noted:
Polyester satin (so it can be washed), cotton muslin (from stash), tulle, shear ribbons, nylon vintage trim (from stash), scrapbook jewels (from stash), butterfly and elastic and Velcro from stash.

I thought I would share the neat tool I used to create the scallops on the over skirt/cape. I got it at a quilt event for making scalloped edging for quilts and other projects. It's the JP Quick Points Scalloped Ruler model S1.5. You can find it at www.quickpointsruler.com. It made making those scallops so easy!
I might add some close ups later if anyone wants to see.
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B+B said...

I just love this beautiful ball gown. This makes such a wonderful princess dress!