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Friday, January 13, 2012

MY Project Runway

I am a big big fan of the Lifetime TV show Project Runway. I am not exactly the people the show is marketed to...my idea of high fashion comes from Target, Kohl's and QVC! LOL But I do love watching the creative process of the designers as they try and make an extraordinary design while dealing with all kinds of challenges.
So I heard about a group that was doing their own version of Project Runway using fashion doll or what ever doll they had to work with.
They would do their own version of the weekly challenges just for their own satisfaction and fun. I loved the idea but by the time I found out about the last one it was more than halfway into a season....too late to really get involved.
But it is a new season and I thought it would be a fun thing to play with during the winter months.
So I made my own rules and started with the first challenge the unconventional materials challenge. The contestants went to a 99 cent store and had $100 to spend.
So for MY version I went to the local dollar store and spent $4! LOL I allowed myself use of most of the materials in my sewing room like thread, Velcro, buttons but not my fabric stash unless it will be the only fabric used. The exception is muslin which is a freebie.
I also allow myself use of a basic pattern book for an 18 inch doll since I haven't really done garment design before. The doll came from the local thrift store for $5...she has a child like body and face so...my designs will probably head that direction LOL
My materials are a pair of boys black and white tartan boxers, a hank of plastic rope, two little girl's bows and a pink and white fleece child's hat.

I had some good plans and found just like the contestants that things don't always work the way I planned! I thought I would weave the rope into a bodice but it just was too stiff and plastic to work for me.

Here is my completed look for the doll. I used the shorts to make the skirt and lined the front of the little jacket and a piece for a headband, the hat was turned into the jacket and bodice, the rope was used as trim on the skirt and bodice and the headband and a drawstring for the skirt and the bows are pretty obvious.
The things I learned are to use invisible thread on the rope, stiff plastic doesn't weave so well, unless I make longer sleeves and a rather high neck the cloth body will show and it's really a lot of fun!
If I were really on the show I would have been knocked a lot for using fabrics instead of things like coffee filters or mop heads LOL but it's MY rules and for me as long as they were in the dollar store it's fair game. Hey I could have used towels or even scarves!
Anyway next challenge will be harder for a little girl figure as it is a gown for a night at the opera! YIKES!

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Lynne Gray said...

This is a great project!!! It really imspired me to get busy. Thanks for sharing. Lynne

B+B said...

So fun! Maybe you should start your own show! Fashion Run way Doll style! This is a really cute idea!