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Saturday, February 4, 2012

MY Project Runway....Ice Cream Challenge

Week 4 of Project Runway was the challenge to use a flavor of ice cream (gelato) to inspire their design and look.
I can do that for my next project. I used Maggie Moo's Ice cream flavors to choose from...they had lot's, and after narrowing them down to four I chose Black Cherry.
I think the fact that I love Mary Englebreit's use of cherries on her designs and home decor helped me pick that one. I have several fabrics with ME cherries on them and it was easy to choose one that I would enjoy making an outfit. I decided to go for an every day type of outfit...something that she could wear to school or just playing with friends. I didn't have anything to make a knit top from in my stash and I ended up using a thrift store ladies t-shirt for the top. Above You see my supplies and list of things I might use from my stash on the yellow sticky note.

Here is my finished outfit and I think it is pretty dang cute! I could see any little girl enjoying this type of outfit with the fun black and white checked fabric, the piped hems on the skirt and capris. I used the sleeve from the ladies top the make the body of the t-shirt...it was just the right size to make a fitted body for the shirt. I had to modify how I put the t-shirt together but it worked out. I used ribbing on the neckline and it fits over her head...not much room to spare though. I can see myself having to put the top on to the doll in the future! LOL

Back view isn't that much different than the front.
Last night I saw the new challenge and WOW how hard was that to get people to give up their clothes! LOL I am thinking of a way to find a "muse" and then create something from the thrift store that would be of similar fabrics and style...Wish me luck!

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B+B said...

Too cute! Looks like you are having a lot of fun and look at you Mrs. Designer!