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Monday, June 1, 2009

A Planned Deviation!

I could call it that instead of a mistake, right? LOL
A new block for the Debbie Mumm BOM ...but not one of Debbie's blocks...I took this block from the book Block Magic 2 to substitute for one that I didn't want to make a second time for this version of the quilt. Since it will be for my grd C I think it is a great sub.
When I was trimming the sizing up sashing to bring the block from an 8" finished to 9" finished I mentally figured 4 1/2 as half of 9 forgetting to add the seam allowance and thus the uneven border. So my options are to replace that side or call it a variation on the block right? LOL
Oh Well we will see.
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Nedra said...

Love that title! So true! And with such a great attitude you will go far.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

A heart is lovely in any form and color. I think the shape of a heart is so sweet.

Kristin said...

Funny.... I didn't even notice the border variation until you mentioned it. So, at first glance the block looks great! I love the colors and pattern combo; definitely very Debby Mumm!

Hope you are well, Cathie. :0)

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noiln said...

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