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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Do I Look Fat?

Well it seems that Belle has been "treated" too well the past couple of years.
Our girl has developed a limp and along with the fact that she was due for her shots, we made a trip to the vet this past week. Good news is that she is in relatively good health, but...
she is too fat for her size! Sigh!
After talking to the Dr we came to the conclusion that she has been getting WAY too many treats even though they are good doggie treats with a little bit of people food. The chicken jerky strip she loves is like a person eating a Big Mac! That sure surprised me as I thought they were nice and lean and good for her.

So she has been put on a treat restriction...just tiny bits when she does good!
I think A was more upset than Belle seems to be LOL And for the limping, he couldn't find a "reason" with the initial exam but suspects the beginning of arthritis and the extra 12-14lbs on a sore joint. She is now taking an anti-inflammatory every day and we are to watch for a month. And also no walks for two weeks so the meds have a chance to work.

Crossing our fingers and paws!
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B+B said...

Hope Belle gets better soon and that she gets used to not having as many treats. You know the whales at sea world get treats every time they do a trick. I wonder if they are over-weight too? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Cool dog...