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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day for Mr Creative

Gotta love a day when everyone gives you presents and you aren't turning a year older! LOL
DH Mr Creative shows off his presents...or most of them not including the early ones he got. I gave him a blood pressure monitor which we all took turns testing out and Mr Creative found out his was the best of all but then again it ought to be considering how much we spend every month for his meds. LOL
DD sent him a note pad with Grson A's picture for him to keep at work and Son D and family gave him a shirt that Grson I got to put his hand prints on later that day.
Mr Creative and son A ready to eat his dinner...lower fat Lasagna...after all it's hardly Lasagna without SOME cheese and the fat free stuff is like shredded plastic so we went for the lower fat variety. LOL
DH measures his blood pressure
Can you read it? 114/75
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B+B said...

looks like a great day with family around. Dinner looked really good too. Hope that dad had a great father's day. I almost got that same shirt for dad. I guess it is a good thing I didn't :)