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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Around the Yard in June

Where have I been? Sorry for no blogging the past week. It just kind of got away from me.

But we have been doing all kinds of stuff around the yard since it is late spring and that means flowers and weeds and gardens and grass (in the flower beds and out). I snapped some pictures of my beautiful flowers this past week.
Upper L Peony, R mini rose Lower L Candy Cane rose with my climbing rose in the background and R a ripening strawberry which grson I has already picked and eaten. LOL
Grson I helping Papa, Mr Creative, with some of the tomatoes that he planted inside the Wall of Waters, I think he liked playing in the water more than helping Papa.
GrD C gets a nice sloppy kiss from Belle and Grson I is looking to escape. Belle loves to sit up on the swing with me sometimes while I read or eat.
Last of all my dessert one day...oh so yummy strawberries and whipped cream. They were a bargain at Wallyworld that day .99 a quart and so sweet and juicy. Sigh...love strawberry time.
So as you see we are still around and keeping busy, almost too busy to blog about it! LOL
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B+B said...

What a fun and busy day. Glad that you were able to have the Grandkids over. Good luck on getting every thing done this week. Love from Texas!