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Saturday, May 30, 2009

All in A Day's Work...

This is what happens when you take off for 3 weeks in the spring. Much work on our Saturdays in May.
At least you get the rewards of beautiful flowers.
Lovely blossoms in my flower beds. Upper right; Sage, Dragon's Tongue (I think), Columbine and a a mini rose, and a new plant Spanish Lavender.
Oldest DS and part of his family joined us for lunch and then did a bit of work to help out. Above son D wields the weed eater around the veggie garden. Next Belle takes a break in the cool grass to cool off. Last Grson N helping Mr Creative to plant more tomatoes!

I worked in my flower beds to pull grass, add some bark mulch and trim the ucky bushes. DH Mr Creative doesn't want to cut them down or pull them out so they have been trimmed back and are in the ugly stage LOL I love planting pots of flowers for the porch because my flower beds are mostly perennials and although easy to care for and have some beautiful flowers they tend to not be such long flowering plants and the porch is a great place to get that punch of flowers.

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little sis said...

Everything looks beautiful! I will have to take some pics of my house to send you. Did some work in the yard over the weekend and it looks great! Need to show off a bit!