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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Catching up with Carol Doak

Oh I am so behind with my BOM that Carol D is doing with our yahoo group.
It happened when my April got so busy I just didn't get around to making the block before leaving for Texas. Then of course there was May's block and now June's and I am racing to NOT get any more behind.

If I just could stop the world for a week or so! LOL
Yeah...right, like that is going to happen.
Any way here is April's block all pastel and spring-like. Those corners were a pain for me as I originally used a completely different fabric for them. It is a pretty sort of pastel water color fabric but with it's light background and lighter colors just didn't frame the block well enough so after thinking about it on and off in the middle of the night I got up bright and early...ripped those puppies off and replaced them with a nice hand dye given to me by my quilt friend Leslie who is in the process of cleaning/sorting/ discarding in her sewing room. Gotta love friends who think of you during those times!
Thanks Friend!

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Nedra said...

What an interesting Block of the Month. Beautiful.