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Friday, June 12, 2009

Yesterday and Last night

Last night as I was watching So You Think You Can Dance on TV I looked out the window and saw a beautiful rainbow. Sure are hoping that is a good sign for the weekend and the Scottish Festival. Not much fun to be outdoors in the rain even if we have shelters to protect us LOL

Last of all...I bought tickets for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince , midnight showing.
Got one for me, son Big A and grson N. Called Mr Creative at work and he decided he couldn't go to a midnight show AND go to work the next morning LOL so that means we will go again a few days later and hopefully see it in an IMAX theatre.
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B+B said...

NOT FAIR! I really want to go see Harry Potter! I have already ask Mindy to watch him so I can go and see it during the day. I guess that will have to do and I will just have to wait until morning to see the movie. Hope that the rainy weather clears for the Scottish festival for you.

GARI said...

Me, too. But it is not playing at an IMAX anywhere near me so we will have to see it in a regular theater.