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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Meet the MacRaes

With all that I should be doing I really shouldn't have used most of my time yesterday to make this but it has been in my mind for a few years and I just went for it!
Meet my new Scottie friends...Archibald, known as Archie in the red coat, Catherine in the white coat and Peter in the blue coat. Using pieces of my precious MacRae tartan fabric and my stash I spent a fun afternoon and evening making this wall hanging to be. I even cut a piece for Archie's coat out of one of my two sashes but sewed it back together about 7-8 inches shorter LOL
I adapted a pattern from Marcia's Quilters Cache.
The wool was interesting to work with as it has a resilience and bounce back that defied my iron and some steam but I think I can live with it LOL
If you look closely you can see the sparkles from the border fabric...I have in mind for the future one more doggie in the brand new MacRae USA tartan coat and some wider borders with some Celtic knot work. But that is for the future as I have plenty I need to get done before tomorrow about noon!
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Nedra said...

Cute dogs. I have a son named Scott, who we used to always call Scotty. I used to think I should have decorated his room in Scottie dogs. too late now. He's all grown up and living in Brooklyn NY.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What sweet little scotty dogs Cathie. I love them. Good job.

B+B said...

That is so cute. I just love it! I bet it will love great in the boot. Have fun!