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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Fist Full of Flowers and more progress

One of the joys of being a mother are those unexpected gifts from our children. How many times do we overlook those simple things in our lives?
The other day when my DH Mr Creative and youngest son A returned from an evening fishing trip, my son A came down to the sewing room where I was working and said..."here Mom" and handed me these beautiful wild flowers they found on the side of the road as they returned. My mind went back to when he was a little boy and the loving child he was. Being the "baby" we spent much time together and I have to admit I morned the passing of those little boy days but what a wonderful surprise to get that fist full of flowers once more so unexpectedly.
Love Ya A...as you see he found the perfect "vase" for the flowers too! LOL

I thought I would share a bit of progress on the next Carol D block and ask...
"What WERE you thinking, Carol?"
Oh my gosh 61 pieces in this block and it is ONLY 7" finished...you can see the pre-cut pieces ready for the second part of the bottom of the block. S
Sheesh! That is an hour's work for the first half! LOL

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Nedra said...

What a thoughtful son. I have a feeling DH has been the example. Good luck with all those pieces.

B+B said...

Oh, so sweet A! I remember him bringing you fun weed flowers. O the memorizes. Looks like you are working hard and getting a ton done. Go Mom Go