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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Play time with little I

My neighbor has the greatest "kid" backyard and all the neighborhood young-uns love to come play. My little grson I noticed the yard after we had walked to the park and back and wanted to play but it was not the right day that day. The next week when he came over I called and the oldest daughter said sure come play so we did! My neighbor K noticed us in the backyard and joined me while I played to his heart's content and we chatted.
Little I loves the trampoline, slide and all the fun outside toys they have out there. Two weeks later we were back and I told the husband S that he should start charging a $5 fee to play at their "park" LOL I remembered my camera last Wed and took pictures and forgot to post them.
Little I loves kitties and he found the babies all curled up together under the back steps kkkkkkkiiittttsss is what he calls them.
He also loved the little "peddle" type cars they have. I am looking for one at yard sales and DI store but no luck yet.
He also explored Papa's garden and picked a few tomatoes and I let him pick a I sized apple to eat from the tree. With his little teeth it was hard to bite too much off but he gnawed on it for quite a while.

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