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Saturday, October 25, 2008

At the Overnighter-Retreat

Thought I would share a few pics from our retreat. Many others were going around taking pictures and I will link them to my blog later but these a just a couple I took.
Top left is the project that many of the quilters were doing. I chose not to do one because I just have so many others I want to get finished. Each person chose their own fabrics and we had everything from patriotic, fall, Christmas and monochromatic. It is an interesting pattern and the ladies in the group really enjoyed the project. We had 20 people there with about15 who at least started their project. I think 5 or so finished the tops and the rest got a great start on them. I am looking forward to seeing how they all turn out.
That's me sewing away on my CWLL blocks...you can see the fall version behind me.
For me I worked on my Civil War Love Letter blocks...see the post above. And I also got another witch hot pad done and almost finished the pumpkin one...just need a bit of quilting and to close the "turning hole".
My friend KS wanted to finish her top so she and I were the last out at 5 am and that is her project on the table done in the lovely rose and green. While she finished I pulled out my baggie with some Harry Potter blocks printed and fabrics chosen and decided to begin to piece Professor Trawlawny's Crystal Ball and had a great idea...I put some glittered sheer tricot fabric over the cloudy stuff to give it a glowing effect...well...I remembered the hard way that tricot doesn't take the same iron temp as cotton LOL So it kind of has a melty place on the bottom right. So far I can live with it but if it drives me nuts then I will cut that part away and just have the clouds! LOL
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