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Friday, October 10, 2008

Can You Believe it?

It is amazing!
I have now completed a quilt top and pieced a back and have the blocks all put together ...all done in this last week!
I tend to go great guns for a bit on whatever is hitting my fancy at the time but for some reason I have been really, really motivated to dig into my QIQ projects and get them done! I think it is all the inspiration I have been getting from all the blogs that I try to visit regularly. Of course my house needs a few days of a good cleaning but that can come LOL
The first picture is of the Stars BOM from New Friends quilt group from 5 years ago it seems! Each member of the board chose a star block to present to the group and instructions on how to make it. There are only 10 blocks that came from my group so I had to come up with a few more to complete my very own layout design. You can see the theme of this quilt from the busy print...Chickens/Roosters and the funny thing is that once I started putting it together I thought...this is turning into a red and green quilt! My friend C said "well, I always thought of it as that and had some confusion when you referred to it as your Chicken quilt" LOL
Even though there is a busy print, a tan print and a blue tartan plaid in the quilt it still really reads red and green and for me that is a good thing!

Next comes my Spooky Spiders quilt made from the book Super Simple Squares. Yes, there are two different yellows in the sashing so don't think your eyes are playing tricks on you! LOL
My group did a Halloween square exchange to get the variety and it has been waiting for several years to become a quilt. C and I went back and forth of how to border it and we decided that the yellow needed to "finish" the sashing around the quilt and a tiny folded border of black would set off the stripey border perfectly. The dark yellow and stripe fabrics were bought this year in Ogden at Gardner's Quilt shop...loved the stripe and knew it would be great in my quilt.

As for the back well....the plan was originally to use the grey owls and pumpkins fabric as the border but we liked just the stripes so it became part of the back along with a funky dinosaur bones print I won this past summer but it still wasn't big enough by about 2 inches.
That is where the two striped fabrics came in handy LOL so you see the back
My plan is to quilt it myself and it needs to be basted (spray) and then I can do some funky quilting to fit the funky style...maybe next week?
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