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Friday, August 1, 2008

Camp Nana Rides the Heber Creeper

Just a few of the 300 or so shots from the Heber Creeper Railroad ride that the family took this past week!
Howard took charge of the group while Paula and I stayed behind and relaxed with a pedicure. The ride is about 3 hours total with a stop halfway at a park for a half hour break. Come to find out that there is a "train robbery" and kidnapping for the horse back riding for those who payed the fees for that part. One of the robbers came out of the outhouse in his longhandles I am told! No one took a picture of that sorry to say! LOL
It made for a fun day at Camp Nana as we ate lunch in a park and then had icecream treats at the Dairy Keen which is a lot of fun for the kids with their train decor and even a Harry Potter display!

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