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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Either love em....

Or hate them...computers I mean!
Right now I can't decide which! LOL
Some sort of "bug" has infected our computer and I need to take it next door and let my neighbor try and fix it!
Sigh...so no blogging for me right now and it is very annoying!
Loved the weekend at the Olympics and Hurrah for all the "winners"...I thought some of the gymnastics scoring was really NOT right. Ah but that is what happens in judged competitions so we accept it.
Not quite finished with my flower project but hopefully soon as we get back to normal here after doing a room makeover for youngest ds...still waiting on the bedding for the room so that we can take the final "after" picture! It will make a great scrapbook layout LOL
Hope to be back online really soon!

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