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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

At the Springvill Utah Quilt show

For those of you who aren't from Utah then you probably have never heard of the Springville Art Museum Quilt Show but in Utah it is one of the "premier" shows! The best quilters submit their quilts and it always has the highest quality quilts!
This year was definitely no exception and I just chose a few of the incredible quilts to add to my blog.
Best of show was done by Sharon Wright...it is the first quilt I show on the blog...she combines, wool, batiks and prints with lame for the story of Christmas. She has over the past few years created small quilts that she calls Banishing Santa which scenes of the Nativity and the story of Christmas. While I don't think you have to "Banish" Santa I really love her quilts and each one has been more and more impressive. This one is absolutely incredible in person!

The next quilt I chose to share was a wonderful family tree quilt that show scenes from the family's past...incredible in detail and just so beautifully done. I took a close up of one of the scene blocks and then a closer close up of the details of the people in front of the school...just wonderful!

More to come...just love the quilts I saw and as my friend MA said...I just want to make all these quilts!

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Suzanne said...

Thanks for posting the photos. I am going to the show on the 23rd.