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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Started for Christmas updated 8-28

This is my current handwork project or at least for now! LOL
I bought this about 3-4 years ago and made a halfhearted beginning on the project but have decided it would make a great take with me project that can be done this year?
I have traced about half of the embroideries and am about half way done with the first using pearl cotton but....I am not sure I want to continue using the pearl cotton or at least not without using some embroidery thread with it for the details. Since I am just starting the project this is a good time to decide to switch LOL
I will finish what I am doing and then decide I think.

Update 1 First two blocks are finished and as you can see the pearl cotton just isn't right for this project so I guess I will be redoing that block...sigh!
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