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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So what have I been doing?

Funny thing is that even though with the exception of gymnastics for Beth and some running for Donny we are not a sports inclined family however...
When the Olympics come around we are all over it! LOL
Since Friday night we have tried to watch as much of the different sports as possible and that means there isn't much time for other stuff!
I was so excited Sunday night as I cheered very loudly at the men's swimming relay team as they captured the gold with their incredible swimming and of course the others most especially Michael Phelps and his incredible ability in the pool!
Congrats to all who have even made it to the Olympics but most especially to those who win medals and excel in their sports!
I have been doing this and that and had a sick day on Monday where I did very little. LOL

Eating yummy veggies from the garden and fresh corn from the local growers and way too much chocolate lately to offset the goodness of the veggies LOL

An ongoing project is the BOM-Technique of the Month for my quilt group. Working from A Year of Flower Blocks by Jodi Warner we try out a different applique and piecing technique monthly and those who want can create the block for the month from Jodi's book.
Jodi has some wonderful designs but they aren't for the beginner, that's for sure! LOL
Today I was trying to complete the August block and after over 4 hours of intense cutting and sewing I didn't finish and still have two borders to add...sigh...but I think they will be pretty quick compared to the rest of the design. Jodi loves small small pieces and not the average settings for the flowers which in truth made us want to try to make them but I have to admit I am regretting it! LOL Not really but it is a good challenge to my skills.
Here I am showing the partly complete block with the strips from my stash ready to cut and add as the borders. Just need to straighten out the sides and add them.
Oh yea and quilt the whole thing LOL
Have you seen and tried these plastic keeper boxes...just love them to keep projects in so that I can keep it all together plus you can see through them and they fit on my fabric shelves too.

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Nedra said...

Have fun watching the Olympics. I haven't even had a chance to see them yet. But yesterday was Back to School, so I hope to get to them starting today. I love Jodi Warner's stuff, plus she's just a nice, nice person.