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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Busy Days

I kept telling myself that once my big trip to San Antonio was over then I would be able to do some stuff without having the feeling of being so busy!
Ha! (or as my sister says Huh!)
I have several pictures I want to share from my trip but so far I haven't had any time to edit them to show and I also have a few other things I wanted to share...so I figure I would start with the easy stuff. LOL

Last time I visited Texas I saw this wonderful ceramics/pottery that was beautiful and colorful and reminded me of wonderful summertime for some reason. I found out later that it is called Talevera and is descended from Majolica work from Spain. It is supposed to be only done in this "special" region of Mexico and many of the designs are named and done in many forms such as tiles, pitchers, sink bowls, kitchen and bath accessories and on and on.
When we visited the Market in SA I just loved these blue, red, green and yellow switch plate covers and decided to buy some for the kitchen. Unfortunately I could only find this "three switch" and one "two plug" cover but I was assured by the shop owners that this was a popular design and they would have them in the future for sure. So I will be asking my DD B to look for them when she goes to the Market to bring to me or when I go back I will make sure to bring a picture LOL
I think they look wonderful in the kitchen (don't mind the need to be painted wall) and I think I might get some other accents in the future too!

It's hummingbird season again!
I just love those little hummers and after hearing them on Friday made sure to set out my feeders on Sat during the great trench and trim day. LOL
Yes, I know there is only a feeder in the picture but the birds were hiding and I haven't had the time to "wait" for one to come and have his portrait done LOL
We have mostly Black Chinned hummingbirds and they just love to claim a feeder for it's own and woe be to anyone who tries to eat at his food source LOL I can't get them to understand that I will refill the feeder if it becomes empty so he can share!

You can see the big trench in the background...they are coming to inspect today so hopefully we will pass and it will be all filled in tonight.
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