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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Down in the Trenches

Big A says...If I had known how deep this digging would be I would never have volunteered to do it! LOL
You see,
In our city something new has been going on. To help conserve drinking water the citizens are getting a new pressurized irrigation system that will bring untreated/filtered water to use for non-drinking or household use but to water lawns and plants. Our roads have been bit by bit torn up and the water system added but people have to hook into the system as their own expense/work and so it goes.
The deadline is looming so this weekend was the "big dig" in the front yard.

Here are some construction pictures of Mr Creative and son A as they removed dirt and about 50% rocks from the holes needed. Did you know we are built on the former American Fork River LOL Yep those huge rocks were dug up from the yard. Poor A!
Here you can see the complicated plumbing system DH and A installed in the first picture.

Next was part of my Saturday work in the yard...as I cut the poor rose bush I kept saying...it's for your own good! LOL I love being able to raise roses here in Utah without so much of what my NC family has...no Japanese Beetles munching on the leaves, not many of the diseases that seem to plague southern US rose growers. And as a bonus I can go two years between pruning my beloved David Austin roses because they are meant to be full lush plants with old fashioned flowers and growth. If I could I would have a whole garden of the different varieties. Anyway the plant I show is one that has gone three years without pruning and it was WAY too big. I was waiting for the weather to warm up and all danger of freezing was passed in case we had a late freeze but ended up in Texas when it was finally ready to prune so...it was almost a month into it's growth and so it looks much worse than it normally would. LOL.
I also had to contend with my neighbor's planting of Nightshade which is an invasive grower that is trying to take over my roses and the fence line... sigh...I know I will never get rid of it but sheesh it had grown into all kinds of places including into my strawberries but I did discover a few plants struggling on so maybe I will be getting a few berries soon!
Victory for Mr Creative and son A..as they now have to get the work inspected before filling the holes. All that dirt and rock is now on tarps on the driveway so we can water the grass...we haven't had rain in quite a while so it's time to set the sprinklers. DH will cap the regular water when the inspection is done so we can keep our grass and other plants watered.

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B+B said...

WOW, you all did a ton of work with weekend. Congrats to you all for getting so much done. Done is good and it feels good when it is, as Alex says/signs "all done." Love you and miss you all!