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Friday, May 15, 2009

Quilting Catch UP...

Well not that I ever expect to be "finished" with all my projects... LOL... but now that I have the house is presentable I spent several hours doing some catch up on ongoing projects.
First is the Spinning Daisies that I "THOUGHT" that the blocks were all done...finally I did the applique and block finishing today and the last of 16 are really done this time LOL So, now I will set them together and start the border. My friend suggested that a checkerboard or Seminole border would be a great contrast with the spinning flowers. I am really excited to see this one done and will move it up in the que for quilting if I can get it done LOL
Next two blocks are from the Debbie Mumm BOM 08 that I am teaching to my own quilt group. The first is very fiddly and was a challenge to my patience LOL. It is a pretty block but not one I will probably do again.

Then is one that I really goofed in my fabric placements and choices...it is really UGLY to me but I will probably leave it and maybe do some embellishing to it in the future LOL Oh well just one more of these 9 1/2" blocks and then the center block which is larger so none of the small fiddly pieces.

I put my new light on the machine and wow! now I have great light by the needle where I need it! Still had trouble threading the invisible thread on the needle but then again what can you expect, after all it is supposed to be hard to see. LOL

It was great to get back to some sewing and I still have plenty to catch up with yet.
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