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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Last Days in Texas

Yes, we are finally ready (OK, not ready but have to) head home to Utah tomorrow afternoon. We have so enjoyed our time with family in Texas and are so sad to have to leave them behind or send them home to NC once more.
Just a few pictures of our last few days here.
DD and grson A posing at the Mission San Jose in one of the "ovens" You can only imagine how HOT it has been and being in an oven wouldn't be much hotter! LOL
Mr Creative and grandson A in the reconstruction part of the mission
My fun sister P who enjoyed pool time with her Grnephew A at our timeshare...she was always the first in the water as a kid I think! LOL and was happy to show little A the joys of fun in the sun.
At the Alamo with l to r
Mr Creative H, my Mom and grgrma to A, me holding little A and DD B. Another hot hot day and we were so lucky (sarcasm here) to have a ba-zillion 4th graders running around us.
Home tomorrow and back to the real world!
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B+B said...

We really enjoyed having you both here with us and were very sad to see you go. WE LOVE YOU BOTH!