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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Peek Under the Tree

Shaking is not necessary, as they aren't wrapped yet!
Finding something that I can make for my bonus grands isn't always easy but this time it sure was fun. LOL I had purchased these fiberboard hanging plaques last spring from Archivers clearance corner thinking I would let the kids create their own during Camp Nana but we just had way too much fun doing other stuff so they got shoved in the scrapbooking room closet for "later"...it's NOW later!
My goal was to use what I had on hand (which believe me is plenty and more) and try to capture a bit of the personality of each of the children in their name sign.

Since I am pretty sure these kids don't read my blog I thought I would share them but holding back on the two for my babies little I and little A until after Christmas.
I really did have fun picking colors and digging through my stash to see what I could use the hardest was N's because being a grown up 12 year old I didn't want it to be too kid like but yet have some fun. I have added more to his since I took this picture with some Snoopy stickers and a few ribbons on the wire handle.
Some of these supplies have been in my stash for years and years LOL
See it pays to have a good stash of supplies because you never know when it might come in handy! LOL
Oh yeah and I ended up buying two bottles of paint so that's pretty darn good for me.
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Anonymous said...

These plaques are beautiful!!! Great job.

Teresa said...

Very cute, hmm this gets me thinking I could do the kids names for above there beds.
Thanks for sharing.