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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Wheels on the Train...Teddy Onboard

One more project done! Yippee...celebration going on here! LOL
The more grandchildren that are added to our family then Nana needs to come up with a new stocking for him (this time it is a him) so here is baby A's stocking all finished. I took some shortcuts, fused applique not hand and left off the cording from the edges and Jodi has a darling little bear in her pattern but I found one at Hobby Lobby that was just perfect so I didn't make the bear. Now for the story of the large wheels. I decided that using Yo-yos and my yo-yo maker would be a perfect solution to the wheels on the train. I cut out some silver/grey Fairy Frost fabric and made a set of two wheels so that when I was finished and added the detail stuff I could just sew them on. Yeahhhh right! Funny thing is the wheels are hiding out somewhere in the house, probably in the sewing room LOL
So this morning I had to make new wheels sigh...but they are pretty quick and easy so no harm no foul. Wonder how long it will be until the first wheels show up? LOL
Thanks for the great pattern Jodi!
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Anonymous said...

You done yourself proud! I LOVE it!

little sis said...

this is just too cute! i know baby A will just love it!

Teresa said...

Very cute.