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Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Beginning To Look a lot Like Christmas

While I was shopping at Lowes (for something completely different I might add) I saw this lovely Poinsettia plant and just couldn't resist bringing it home with me. I have it in the kitchen window hoping that it will stay lovely the whole season long. Just for fun I stuck in some glittered branches but I am not sure I will keep them in. LOL
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Catherine said...

That is a gorgeous poinsettia!! I'd be tempted to leave the sparkly branches in there -- it is Christmas, after all. One can be somewhat over the top. :-)

little sis said...

It is beautiful! Enough to get you in the spirit! Hope you are having a good time getting ready for the holiday. I am enjoying getting a sneak peak at my present! :0)

Kristie said...

Its beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us :)