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Saturday, June 30, 2012

LIving in Utah in June

So, I do a lot of complaining about HAVING to live in Utah...it's hundreds of miles away from the nearest ocean beach, it's a couple of thousand of miles away from my parents, siblings and DD and family.  It gets dang HOT in the summer and snows often in the winter.  My skin gets dried out from the low low humidity (less than 10% today for example) but.....
There are some wonderful compensations.  Being a paper crafter  this is one of the perfect places to live for crafting sales  LOL  There are quite a few major companies headquartered here in UT and we do get the advantage of their warehouse sales. 
One of those companies is DCWV.  I love this company because they are always innovating and changing to the trends but still offer most of their classic items for a long time after they first are introduced.  So, here was my latest sale purchases
$5 and I got all this!  back 4 vinyl quotes about Family, 3 complete stacks of Cherry Limeade pp, large stack of Recollections basics, pkg neutral colors chipboard set, and 25 various but mostly cupcakes and chocolate themed cs paper.  Yep I am a lucky lady to live here.
And I wanted to show you some of our summer garden harvest already!
Peas and summer squash fresh from the garden.  We had the squash last night and will eat peas for supper tonight.  Mr Creative has worked really hard on the garden this year and we are seeing the rewards!

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Cynthia said...

Pass along your shopping secrets! Where did you get the paper? That's quite the haul for $5. You definitely are a lucky lady :)